Fleming heartbroken? What about Rohbock?

In a story from the associated press today, found here, Olympic women’s bobsledding silver medalist Valerie Fleming is “pretty heartbroken” that a pulled right hamstring kept her off the U.S. roster for next month’s Vancouver Games. But has anyone stopped and seen what Shauna Rohbock had to say about it all? 

Fleming & Rohbock in 2006

Let us not forget her heated temper over her silver metal at the 2009 World Championships. I mean for heaven’s sake her Bio over at  NBC sports Olympics page  even shows off her frustration stating there, “Rohbock raced with Elana Meyers as her brakeman, as she had when she won at Whistler. But her first choice was longtime brakeman Valerie Fleming, with whom she won Olympic silver in Torino. Rohbock says the coaching staff wouldn’t allow the move and she believes that cost her a world title. “I’m glad I walked away with the silver, but I was very, very frustrated because I know I could have won a gold medal there,” she says. “I blame that on the coaches.” 

I just hope she can show that world that she really can work with Azevedo, Rzepka and/or Meyers who were chosen as push athletes for the Olympic team, all three of those women having learned plenty from Fleming over the past three seasons.

Then again I guess I have to cheer for family, even if I was scared of her as a child growing up. lol!