Captian’s Log – day 35 COVID-19 Lockdown

Captain’s Log – day 35. Surprising news today, a reported 80% of positive COVID-19 patients are men. Is it possible that the other population is not accustomed to reporting “man flu” symptoms, therefore just going about life like normal? Also, I was alarmed to see what I considered a normal, healthy and sane person today in the office with a medical-grade mask. Was not sure how to react…is she infected? Should I rush to my desk to sanitize the workstation? Or does this person know that someone else in the office is sick and they are trying to stay healthy? Trying to not go with the third option that said person thinks that masks are now a fashion statement. Maybe this person has not been able to go to the salon for a few weeks and is hiding the mustache that is now raging out of control. Will withhold judgment at this time.


Captian’s Log – Day 31 – COVID-19 Lockdown

Captian’s log – day 31 Found a box of hair dye in the back of my bathroom cabinet. Box looked ancient but did not have identifying markings of an expiration date.  Tried to use dye to cover the new look of gray peeking around the roots. However, in the process I fried all the hair off my head. Now I look like a chemo patient so wearing a mask in public is no longer a show of me having symptoms of COVID-19, people I encounter distance themselves out of respect. I have never got thru the lines in Wal-Mart so fast in my life.

Captain’s log – COVID-19 lockdown day 28

Captain’s log – Encountered more humans today. Hid behind Luann’s plant and observed the strange interactions of them standing apart from each other and using very loud voices like they couldn’t hear each other over the quietness. Noted that Luann’s plant had not been watered in a very long time and went in search of liquid nutrition.


Had to actually change a roll of toilet paper in my private stall…thinking someone has snuck in and utilized my supply. Will make a note to check other stalls for lack of use.


Still need to get to the tumbleweeds in the parking lot. Weather has been unpredictable, I thought the wind would blow them across the street. However the gas prices at the Kline must keep them from staying there.

Engagement photo of a cute couple hiding behind a bush. Orange ...

Captain’s log – COVID-19 lockdown day 19

Captain’s log – Human contact today! I passed someone in the hallway. Voice seemed to be hoarse from lack of use, and the brain almost forgot how to interact in person with no time delay of internet video conferencing. We have reserved the right to allow each person remaining at office their own stall in the restroom. We are now in charge of our own toilet paper rations. Confusion and delay at the printer today when I, myself was the cause of the letterhead paper being out. The parking lot needs to have tumbleweeds removed, added to the TO-DO list.

Why do tumbleweeds tumble? | PBS NewsHour