I love our plants….we have been waiting for quite some time for the amyrills to open up. Ain’t it a beauty! Puts a smile on my face, what about yours?

Jan 13

Puppies always makes me smile. Little moments during my day are brighter because Milo always loves me. I can leave the house for 5 minutes or 10 days and she is always just as happy when I walk in the door.

Jan 12

I love to walk in the house and smell the warm sweet fragrance of a candle. This little candle and scented wax warmer was welcoming me home tonight. It definitely brought a smile to my face.


My blanket that I made makes me smile. Especially when I am under it with the man I love

Jan 10

Todays pic that makes me smile….dinner! I am so glad to know that my man can (and will) cook a sweet dinner when I have to work late! Tonights menu….roast, taters, dinner salad ect!

Jan 9

The first day of a pic a day that makes me happy….. My man, he is makes everything better in my life. We are a great team.