About Me

  1. While I am a Utah native,  Minnesota is now home.
  2. I love being a working mommy.
  3. Nothing makes me happier than coming home to my husband and son.
  4. I also enjoy being lazy and watching TV and snuggling up with them.
  5. We have 2 crazy mutts.
  6. While I grumble about the dog hair and the dog farts, I  don’t know what we would do without them.
  7. I hate to weed the garden, but when it’s done, there is nothing tastier to me than fresh produce we have grown on our own land.
  8. My favorite smells include, puppy breath, new books, coffee, and summer rain storms.
  9. I know how to change a tire, drive a stick shift and operate a backhoe…but I like to pretend that I am a princess and will let someone else do it if they offer.
  10. I know the power of the words please and thank you. They don’t cost me a dime and only take a moment of time.

26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love your about me page. Glad to have you as a friend.

    Oi!! barton. I love ya man. Visit me anytime, just don’t tell the boss what I rant about!

  2. Hi, I like your site! Your dawg is adorable! Your list was written really well and I hope you show us some of your childrens books 🙂

    One of my stories is about my little dog. In the book I call her Princess Puddyfoot, I’ve not really decided why…

  3. Hey! I’m so glad you liked my blog! I like yours, because you’re a country girl, and I’m originally one. Now I’m a jaded city slicker though.
    And thanks for the blogroll nod! When I figure out how to get mine to not be broken, I’ll return the favour!

    Oh thanks for visiting me! 8)

  4. And a friendly hello in response… from somewhere or another in Salt Lake county!
    Big baseball fan here… though not of the “Evil Empire.”

    Oh come on…their not EVIL! So who you got for the series? Please don’t tell me the Cubs or I’ll cry!

  5. No, not the Cubs. I’m a Pirates fan… but they suck. Simple.
    As for the series, before the year, I said Angels over D-Backs.
    Now I’m rooting for the D-Backs to beat the Indians.

    OK we can still be friends…I like the D-backs too. The only major league game I have actually been to was a Philly’s / Pirates game way back in the day.

  6. Hey Cowgalutah, I also love Movies and Shopping, doesn’t everybody? LOL…can’t carry a tune, so I have to crank up the radio to drown out my voice. I’m a Yankees fan, was in NYC a few years ago, saw them play. One of my BFF’s lives in Utah, she took me around when I visited (Park City, Salt Lake, Bear Lake, Sundance, The Temple; of course we couldn’t go in, etc), Beautiful Country.

    Am I reading back seat gourmet correctly? I love it. And go Yankees for sure!

  7. Thank you for including me on your Blogroll. Your Blog is what I think blogging is about — a persons life and the things that make them think and feel.

    I think a lot of strange things, don’t I! But thanks for the visit.

  8. What kind of dog is yours? He looks like a happy little fox. And what is his name? Oh, and 36 1st cousins?? That’s gotta be at least a wordpress record.

    Mary and Yote are either Austrian Cattle Dogs or Heelers as we call them. As for the cousins…it’s just a Utah thing.

  9. oh no..not the yankees. 🙂 Good luck with the game show host thing…send me a ticket when you make it big!

    *you got it, as for the yankees…well I’m having problems with them right now, just handing the series off like they did this year.

  10. Really like your site and enjoyed reading your blog! I hope to be able to do as nice a job as you have!!!!

    *Well I would love to read your blog but there is no link for me…

  11. Ohhh…those ears…I love those ears! My friend had a Heeler – smartest dog I ever did meet.

    *well we won’t go that far with this one…but I love her.

  12. I have a blue heeler myself, her name is Abbie, hello from another Utahn! I live in West Jordan. Nice to meet you!

    *Oh howdy! Great place that west jordan! I’m just over the old hill in Utah cnty.

  13. Another shout-out from Utah. Sandy, to be more exact. We have some blogroll friends in common. 🙂

    *Ya I love my blogroll buds…I like your place to, so to the blogroll you will be added!

  14. Hi, It’s me “Lumpy” the artist formerly known as “BellaJournal” or Bella. BAHAHAHAH! I have recently started up again and thought I’d come by to see how you’ve been. I love reading your site! Take care, I’m going to go have a look around again!

    *tee-hee I love the “artist formerly know as”

  15. //) This is a photo of one of my dogs

    2) Not me//

    Ummmm, yeah i hoped that was the case! and blah yankees!

    * I can’t help myself…I’m a geek! 😛

  16. Very interesting “About Me”. As a matter of fact, the most open and personal I’ve seen.
    I really love the bisexual innuendo in your statement about Elizabeth Hurley(I’m a male). Mostly I just wanted to say keep up the good work, and don’t lose that wacky sense of humor.

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