If you pray for rain, be prepared to deal with some mud.


How do they know?

I am always amazed at the intuitive nature of children. They always know just when you can’t take another thing in your life somehow. Offering just a little smile or a out of tune song or a hug tight as can be right around your neck.

I had one of those days today…you know the ones that when you look back you know that things could have always been much worse but at the moment you seem to worry too much about the little things and forget about all the small miracles and wonders of everyday life that we should really be more grateful for.

It took the warm heart of my 3 year old nephew to make me open my eyes and remember that I am loved and very blessed. I returned to my bedroom tonight to find this…my normal teddy that resides on my bed, and his favorite toy “Giraff-ie”. When I took his toy out to his dads apartment where he is sleeping for the night I asked him why he left it in my room. He just smiled that sweet innocent smile and responded, “they are best friends and Giraff-ie didn’t want Teddy to be lonely like you without {your boyfriend}. I think you should sleep with him tonight.” I was amazed that he picked up on how much I miss my man. As I left the apartment I felt a little tear down my cheek, my nephew has clung to that little giraffe since his parents split up. I know it was quite a sacrifice to let me sleep with his toy…while I would normally have told him not to worry about it and to keep the stuffed animal for himself I thought that would ruin the whole point of his selfish less sacrifice. I will be proud to admit that I will be sleeping with Teddy and Giraff-ie tonight.

The Love Meme

My heart has been found by the most wonderful of men, if you haven’t noticed as of late. So I went looking for something to write about and my mind keeps drifting back to him. I didn’t think that you all wanted to hear about me and my lover so I stole this “ 3 Things You Love” meme over at this cute little site. I just LOVE the idea of it! I want you all to give it a whirl and let me know so I can drop by and visit you.


1- 3 Things You Love in your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend or Husband/ Wife

His amazing eyes- they can be as cold and grey as steel one moment and then the next blue as the sky

His hands – They have a certain mystery to me still, how they can work all day and yet feel like silk against my naked body will never cease to amaze me.

His faith – I have never met another human being that faced with so much challenge and adversity can still see the glass as half full. His faith in me is amazing, and it is contagious, even I have begun to believe in myself.

2- 3 Things You Love in a Friend

Sincerity – don’t fill me with all that fluff and junk. If you mean it, say it.

Honesty – don’t lie to me.

Enduring – staying power is a must. I love the kind of friend that you don’t have to talk to everyday to know that if you ever need them they will be there.

3- 3 Things You Love in a Book

Romance – well duh! That one is self explanatory

Twist – a good sci-fi that throws in a little mystery or magic

Imagination – I like to leave a little to my minds eye…not every detail needs to be spelled out so much that you can’t dream a little about it all.

4- 3 Things You Love in a Movie

Hot Actors- lol…you know its true. I will watch a movie that has got horrible reviews because it has a hotty in it.

Story line- if it don’t keep me awake, I won’t keep watching it. I am so sick of remakes too, come on Hollywood there are some great stories out there.

Loveable Characters – How can you not love some charecters, I want to invite some of them over for dinner after the show. For instance take Harry Potter…that kid is loveable.

5- 3 Things You Love in a Blog

I have to cheat a little here. I read my friends blogs…so I guess the same things I look for in a friend.

Creativity – I like to see things that folks make

Humor – Make me laugh and I will blogroll ya baby!

6- 3 Things You Love to Talk About

My hotty boyfriend



7- 3 Things You Love to do in Vacations



See the sights

8- 3 Things You Love to Eat

Pasta – just about any kind as long as you don’t sneak in any seafood.

Hamburgers – I am all about a big juicy burger…add me an onion and some bleu cheese and I am in heaven

Potatoes – Just about any kind. With the exception of potato chips…yuck.

9- 3 Things You’d Love to Happen in Your Life

Marry the man of my dreams (and yes this means you my sweet!)

Write a book…and pray that someone enjoys it.

Enjoy the small things in my life everyday with my loved ones.

Can I offer my advice?

I once brought home the cutest little baby raccoons that had been orphaned. I only got to keep them for a few hours until multi people convinced me that it was dangerous to keep them and that they would end up being more trouble than what they were worth.

Wrangler & Rocky

I look back from time to time and wonder if I missed out on an experience because I listened to everyone’s free advice on the matter. Who’s to say…

I could have had the most loving pets in the world from them, or I could have been seriously injured.

Truth of the matter is, when I picked them up from the man that had trapped them on his farm, I was excited at the newness of them in my life. They seemed to me to be soft and cuddly and their big black eyes seemed to beg of me to take them home and love them, the curiosity seemed to go both ways thru the cage. As I drove home I made a few stops along the way and told friends and family of my new little friends, a friend pointed out a little chatter noise that started to bother me, someone pointed out to me they had sharp little claws, another mentioned their teeth, and another told me of their habits of trouble and mischief. By the time I got them home I had a fear of them that I had not initially seen.

I often wonder at that fear…was it justified? Was it fair of my family and friends to put their advice on my situation? Had any of them ever actually been in this exact situation? Was what they said all a bunch of hear say?

How is someone to grow and learn and feel things for themselves if everything is taken for granted and never actually experienced? Without a doubt I know the information given to me is always given with the intention of saving me from heartaches and troubles. But when do you step out and see the world for yourself?

I want to pick up that little orphaned raccoon and take a chance…hope for the best and pray along the way. I guess if I get bit I will learn…and honestly I may forget the feeling over time, I am not saying that I am not a slow learner. I just hope that the people that offer advice in the beginning will still love me and they can laugh with me in the end if they were right and it ends up a mess…but I also hope that If that little raccoon turns out to be so much more, that my loved ones will understand why I had to take a chance.

Hey all…

I promise…I have not fallen into a ditch and died somewhere. If I had I would be busy haunting all your crazy butts. Ok not really, I would busy haunting all the men that did me wrong.

I am working on somethings and hope to be back around posting soon, i miss you all! Oh hey do me a favor and leave me a message…I need to update my blogroll and get around and see ya’all!

My heart on my sleeve

This is a special post for a very special person….and that person is very aware of who he is. My heart is past the point of returning to a place of ever being able to forget you. The way you have touched my very soul, you seem to have burned your impression on me. I am yours…forever and completely.

I pray to any God that will listen that you will wrap me in your arms each and every night for the rest of my life, holding me as close to your body as we can be. Feeling the warmth of your breath on my naked body, and listening to your heartbeat like it’s the only sound on Earth. Looking in your eyes and seeing the energy that lights your life is me, and letting you see in my eyes the same of you.

Kissing you first thing every morning and the last thing every night, and the many kisses all of the hours in between. I want to taste the sweet, pure honest love that we share for one another on your lips, and feel you caress my body like I am the most beautiful woman you have ever known.

I want to see your chest swell with pride each time you introduce me to someone, knowing that you really are proud to call me you own. And I want to enjoy the looks of jealousy I will receive from the many women that missed their chance at the most wonderful man alive.  

I want to make you smile each and every day.  I want to dance in the rain with you, cry in your arms when the world is too much, and watch the sunrise wrapped in only your love and a blanket. I want to count the stars till we fall asleep on the lawn, sit by the fire on a stormy winter day. I want to listen to the frogs, and to see the baby farm animals together. I want to kiss the tip of your nose or your forehead when you’re ill.  I want to comfort your after a hard day. I want to listen to the birds together and have you show me the ones you know and love. I want to work in the yard and garden with you and get dirty and sweaty and then sneak in and have a cool shower together. I want to feel you come up behind me while I am busy and brush my hair from the back of my neck and have you kiss it tenderly, turning my body slowly to yours and know that this is only the beginning. I want to watch you sleep and most of all to be amazed every day at you!

I want to see the look in your eyes when I tell you that I am pregnant with our child. I want you to hold my pregnant stomach and enjoy the pleasure of feeling the baby kick and move within me. I want my body to make you swell with love.

I want to share my whole world with you for the rest of this life and any life beyond. Every emotion, every frustration or doubt, every joy and fervor, I want the first time our eyes meet to be just as  passionate as they will be in a hundred years. I want to feel that fixation of love we share till the stars all fall from the sky. But most of all I want you to know…I love you. I can’t stop and won’t ever stop being madly in love with you.


I just want to ask…do you know of anyone that has fell in love over the internet? Can it really happen…and how do they make it work?


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