How do they know?

I am always amazed at the intuitive nature of children. They always know just when you can’t take another thing in your life somehow. Offering just a little smile or a out of tune song or a hug tight as can be right around your neck. I had one of those days today…you know the… More How do they know?

The Love Meme

My heart has been found by the most wonderful of men, if you haven’t noticed as of late. So I went looking for something to write about and my mind keeps drifting back to him. I didn’t think that you all wanted to hear about me and my lover so I stole this “ 3… More The Love Meme

Hey all…

I promise…I have not fallen into a ditch and died somewhere. If I had I would be busy haunting all your crazy butts. Ok not really, I would busy haunting all the men that did me wrong. I am working on somethings and hope to be back around posting soon, i miss you all! Oh… More Hey all…


I just want to ask…do you know of anyone that has fell in love over the internet? Can it really happen…and how do they make it work?