Is that me?

Looking in the mirror sometimes I feel like I have no idea who it is that is looking back. While there seems to be a look behind the eyes that is familiar I look at the similarities from my parents that have somehow found a unification on what seems to be my face. How has this happened and when did it start? Am I going to be the inevitable slogan of “I am my mother, after all” ? I just want to know who is responsible for this disaster…is there a complaint department that I can call? I 1-800 number to India where Habib can tell me I can get a refund?  Some nameless face that I can wait in line for, to tell all of my frustrations to, just to be told that I have wasted my time and that no refunds are given after 21 days?


Was there a line in Heaven that I forgot to get in that gave me the option of having different parts for my body? Was the assembly line like a car manufacturer that just randomly adds leather interior to every 5th car threw the line…not that I want a leather interior mind you. Do you think that I was lazy and just got in the express line for 15 items or less and missed out because I put back the skinny waist so I didn’t have to go to the regular check out with the longer lines? If that was an option, I probably didn’t even put it away, just hid it under the candy bars next to the register so I didn’t have to walk all that way.


Why is it that I feel like I got the short end of the genetic stick? If I really think about it I could have come out worse…after all I do believe that I have more hair than my sibling, and it’s not nearly as grey! Things are looking up. lol.


2 thoughts on “Is that me?

  1. Aaaaah! You posted! I have missed seeing updates and hearing about your cute family! How have you been?

    And if it makes you feel any better, I KNOW I got the short end of the genetics lottery. Sometimes, I think I was adopted because I am so different from all my siblings!

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