Can I offer my advice?

I once brought home the cutest little baby raccoons that had been orphaned. I only got to keep them for a few hours until multi people convinced me that it was dangerous to keep them and that they would end up being more trouble than what they were worth.

Wrangler & Rocky

I look back from time to time and wonder if I missed out on an experience because I listened to everyone’s free advice on the matter. Who’s to say…

I could have had the most loving pets in the world from them, or I could have been seriously injured.

Truth of the matter is, when I picked them up from the man that had trapped them on his farm, I was excited at the newness of them in my life. They seemed to me to be soft and cuddly and their big black eyes seemed to beg of me to take them home and love them, the curiosity seemed to go both ways thru the cage. As I drove home I made a few stops along the way and told friends and family of my new little friends, a friend pointed out a little chatter noise that started to bother me, someone pointed out to me they had sharp little claws, another mentioned their teeth, and another told me of their habits of trouble and mischief. By the time I got them home I had a fear of them that I had not initially seen.

I often wonder at that fear…was it justified? Was it fair of my family and friends to put their advice on my situation? Had any of them ever actually been in this exact situation? Was what they said all a bunch of hear say?

How is someone to grow and learn and feel things for themselves if everything is taken for granted and never actually experienced? Without a doubt I know the information given to me is always given with the intention of saving me from heartaches and troubles. But when do you step out and see the world for yourself?

I want to pick up that little orphaned raccoon and take a chance…hope for the best and pray along the way. I guess if I get bit I will learn…and honestly I may forget the feeling over time, I am not saying that I am not a slow learner. I just hope that the people that offer advice in the beginning will still love me and they can laugh with me in the end if they were right and it ends up a mess…but I also hope that If that little raccoon turns out to be so much more, that my loved ones will understand why I had to take a chance.


2 thoughts on “Can I offer my advice?

  1. You found another baby raccoon to take home???

    Where do you FIND these people who just have spare raccoons laying around?

    I too have heard the raccoons can be vicious but then – so can dogs an feral cats.

    Here is a link –!/video/video.php?v=430598599645 Tell me if you can see it. It is of a full grown male lion giving a hug to the woman who had saved its life. After 6 years it remembered her and jumped up on the cage and gave her a hug and nuzzled her through the bars because it remembered her care for him.

    Everything I have heard about raccoons being vicious are full grown, those are behaviors that the mother teaches its young, its not necessarily innate. Depending on how small it is really…My main concern for you, sister, is the POOP! 😉

    Let me know if the link worked for you!

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