Snap and Go…and keep going

Day 1

All I have to say about thus far in my little adventure…don’t trust me with a map. Cause if I am busy taking in all the beautiful scenery around me, I forget to watch where I am going and I will end up in another State. Hence my drive to see Deadwood, I ended up in Wyoming! The structures in Deadwood were amazing. I was a little surprised by the lack of insistence on the city to allow sucky mundane new buildings to sit side by side to the restored ones.


4 thoughts on “Snap and Go…and keep going

  1. This really reminds me a little town in Illinois that we love called Galena. It was where parts of Field of Dreams was filmed – we then drove from Galena to Iowa to see the actual house and field where Field of Dreams was filmed.

    Love little towns like this!

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