Just breath

Do you remember the first time you tried something…somthing that changed your world ever so slightly in the moment but eventually became something so much more.

Like the first time you bite into a fresh tomato you have grown from the vine, the taste can be familiar to other produce you have had before, but it’s intensely different. Life altering? Probably not, but definitely something you will never forget. The way the skin is warm from the summer sun, the flavor of the juice that you somehow in the moment don’t mind dripping down your chin, and the immense amount of pride in yourself at the bounty of your labor.

Its moments like this in our life that we need to step back and enjoy more often. Life moves way to fast…sit down and enjoy…and just breath!

Oh and btw of Tomato eating…I found this little tid bit.
Surprisingly Sexy Ingredient: Tomatoes
Many food experts prefer to call the tomato, the “apple of love.” Why is the tomato erotic? Two reasons: First of all, the sensation of eating a fresh, fully ripened, crisp, clean, juicy tomato is sexy all on its own. Watching a pair of sexy lips nibble on this fruit (or vegetable, depending on which school you belong to), is enough to make you hungry for other things. Of course, the juicier the tomato, the more chance you’ll have of dribbling on yourself or your partner.but isn’t that what tongues are for? Added bonus: Eating tomatoes is known to aid in sexual performance. They help calm pre-sex nerves, which can be especially helpful in a first-time-partner situation. Furthermore, the tomato is also known for improving muscle control, which can aid in a number of other between-the-sheets efforts, too.


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