Font this

I am going to admit something to all of you that read here…I don’t have a clue what I am doing. Ever!
Anything that I get accomplished is by complete and utter accident.
Or unless some genius is patient enough to walk me through it…and that my dear friends is my point today.
I literally stumbled upon this great post when I hit the wrong tab in my google reader that took me here… and while I was looking at this wonderful post I read the fabulous word “FREE“! I love that word.

I have been doing some scrapbook work and would love to incorporate some of the great fonts that I found, but I have no clue as how to get them were I want, into my word processer. So if anyone has the time or the patients to help out the village idiot. Please email me…or leave a comment if you don’t have my email!

I am especially hung up over this one…it is just so, well, me!

 you can find it here btw.


2 thoughts on “Font this

  1. Okay, so here is how I download on my computer. (And thanks to you, I have dozens of new fonts to show off! Woo hoo!) 🙂

    I downloaded the font(s) in a zipped file. I opened each one in an individual window, and then for each font, I clicked the spot that says “Extract all files”. (It’s on the left side, under “folder tasks”.) It will put the font file into a TT (truetype) or some other format. After it’s done extracting, I open the control panel, click on the “fonts” folder, and drag the newly-extracted font file into the fonts folder. They should show up in your word processing program now. 🙂

    Did that make any sense?

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