And a fricken Happy Holiday to you to!!!

I have been trying so gosh darn hard to have a little bit of Christmas spirit this year, and it became apparent to me today that it really pisses me off when I try this hard and people are still assholes! I have to let off a little steam and gripe for a moment.

~I have a co-worker that has a horrible marriage and a lousy attitude, and I think she is determined to make life as miserable for all of us as she is. Today I really had to stop and remind my self that killing people is not really in the spirit of the holidays, but it was soooo hard not to just whack her in the back of the head a few hundred times with my stapler.

~This last weekend I went to do a little Christmas shopping and was very happy to see the bell ringers out collecting money for…well what ever it is they give the money to. Anyhow, as I was walking up to the store I was reaching into my purse to get a few bits of change off the bottom for them and the guy just stopped and watched me put in the change and had this look of complete distaste for me that I almost dumped the bucket back out to get my change back. For heavens sake…things are tough all over. Take what you can get and be grateful!

~Another bell ringer…as I was on my way to lunch last week was sitting down, no bell ringing, and no ‘Happy Holidays!’ to anyone depositing money. For real? Do you think this is why he doesn’t have a regular job like everyone else…if this is the kind of work he does for his charity? What a way to make the most of your giving attidue…pass that on. It will make everyone’s day a little brighter.

~An to the anonymous douche bag that stole my grocery cart outside of the Wal-Mart bathroom the other night. I really hope that you needed all the things I had walked around and gathered. If I find you…I will throw random items into your cart and hope that you get home and realize that you have paid for extra small condoms and bag balm and hemorrhoidal cream.

As for my attitude, I will continue to smile and tell folks that I don’t know ‘Merry Christmas’ even if that is not politically correct. I will also hold the door open for old ladies and woman carrying those annoyingly heavy baby carriers. I will probably allow people in line in front of me if I am planning on using my coupons at the checkout. And certainly I will flip off any jerk that drives like a maniac in the snow!


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