A whole new cowgal…

I was so excited with myself yesterday that I thought I would do a bit of bragging today.


I finished my first official 5k race…not in any record time, but I finished. That was my goal. But I think my friends have set me on some strange path. While on the car ride home, while we were all still stinky with sweat and starting to feel the longing from our beds (we got up for the race about 5 am) we started to make plans for our next race…and I set a goal to cut down my time. We’ll see about that…but I think I have found something to really shoot for.


5 thoughts on “A whole new cowgal…

  1. Hey Cowgal! I haven’t heard from you in ages. It was great to visit your blog today and see what you’ve been up to. Although I’m of “advanced years,” walking and jogging are the two forms of exercise that I can do anytime and anywhere, by myself or with someone else. I don’t even need any special, cutesy clothes…just a good pair of shoes. As we say here in the South, You Go Girl!

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