California…and home again.

Oh, I love to be on vacation and boy howdy do I wish I could go back!

We got home from our little excursion to Plymouth, CA  on Tuesday. Before I tell ya what we came home to I’ll show ya just how much fun we had.

leaving Lake Point
leaving Lake Point

As we traveled across I-80 I had to snap a photo of the desert and my mountains…Just in case I got a little home sick

Salt Flats
Salt Flats


We stayed the night in Reno/Sparks, NV at a little truck stop and casino, and I had the worst night of sleep possible. You can’t believe all the noise at a truck stop in the middle of the night. The next morning, in a mad rush to beat the weather we headed over Donner’s to California, this is the weather we were trying so hard to avoid, seeings that no one had tire chains that were mandatory…oops

I thought California would be a little warmer than this
I thought California would be a little warmer than this


Lucky for us, we snuck threw and made it ok to Sacramento. A

As we made our way to a fellow truck club members shop, we saw that crazy little car in the post just below this one…who knew!

We had a great lunch and spent a little time in town, browsing and seeing the sights.

The big Redi-gro, seeing all the trucks.
The big Redi-gro, seeing all the trucks.


Then we made our way to Plymouth, CA. It was such a beautiful drive…

Green grass and rolling hills.
Green grass and rolling hills.

We hit the truck show and that is where I left the big guy with all his friends, I don’t think he even missed me he had so much bull shitting to do.

overview of the Kirkland Ranch & Truck Show.
overview of the Kirkland Ranch & Truck Show.

I had to escape and check out the wine tasting…

this one was the most fun...
this one was the most fun...

We spent all day Saturday driving around county visiting about 20 different tasting rooms at the vineyards. Good thing that I took a few photos, because by the end of the day, I really wouldn’t have  remembered how beautiful it was.



And do you know how sad I was to hear that I can’t bring wine back across the state line? umm…legally. 😉

We had to set out and leave on Sunday, but we took I-50 back around to Nevada and took in some great views around Lake Tahoe. I wish I could have had a little more time to take photos there, but we did get a great shot at the summit with most of the gang.

the gang
the gang


And that is about where all the fun ended, at least as far as the photos go.

When we got home and started to unpack, we thought that the house smelt a little funny…I thought it was just stuffy and opened some windows. But when I went to the basement to start a load of laundry we realized that while we had been out, we had got flooded.

The sewer had backed up and came in threw a floor drain and got shit water everywhere in the basement.

The big guy has had to take 2 more days off of work to get things cleaned and get new carpet ordered etc. I have yet to start any type of laundry and we are wore out! I can’t believe the damage that standing water can do. All of my scrapbooks & genealogy and my craft room got the worst of it. The TV room, luckily, only needs the carpet replaced. But it’s quite a lot of work. I’m just so glad that it was nothing worse.


4 thoughts on “California…and home again.

  1. No kidding? That happened to us this weekend, too, and it sucked.

    I’m so, so sorry! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
    (Except maybe my sister’s ex…) 😉

  2. omg, the pics are beautiful- you sure roll w/ a large gang – LOL! Glad you had fun but so sorry you came home to such a mess…. glad you are all right though- that’s all that really matters…. things can always be replaced! xoxoxox

  3. Yikes – what an awful mess to come home to. I’m so sorry about that! It does look like you had a great time though – the pics are awesome and it looks like so much fun, plus you got to do some wine tasting while the old man got to do his bullshitting so you each got your own time to yourselves too. I think it all means that you just need to start planning your next vacation now so you’ll have something to look forward to. 🙂

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