I’m back!

Thanks for holding the place together for me while I was out…I’m just curious though, who vacuumed and cleaned the windows?

We had a great trip and while I will have to show you more photos later I thought I would throw this one up for viewing pleasure.


We were driving downtown Sacramento, CA and came across this circus peanut…and this car drove by and snatched that peanut right from under our nose.

Who the hell does this to his car? I hope he gets a huge tax deduction for advertising….

Oh BTW did you notice that even his hat has a trunk?


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Welcome home!!! I hope you returned refreshed and energized!!

    And yeah, that is a little disturbing….
    I went to the website in the above picture, sbcircus.com and it’s so funny! This is on their Main page “The Swan Bros. Circus is not your average circus. You won’t find any elephants or tigers but you will find slapstick comedy, clowns, and fantastic juggling.”


  2. Well, I missed you when you left and didn’t know about it. Now your back and I hope you had a good time!

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