What have you done now?

Sometimes news can hit a little to close to home for my taste. Just tell me what would you do if you drove by someones home, the day after a police standoff in the neighborhood, to find this sign.

kslNow imagine that the sign belongs to your own father…. ya, my dear old dad spends to much time home alone for any ones good.

Can I die of embarrassment now? What a statement…especially when your son in law works as a volunteer 2-3 times a year with training this very SWAT team for gun qualifications. And volunteers with another law enforcement agency in the next county as a gun toting, sworn in search and rescue officer?

If you want to know more about the story…



4 thoughts on “What have you done now?

  1. Ooooo. Sounds like he might not have a nice fuzzy feeling about law enforcement if I read that right. I have two guns myself. And like Ron White said about the Texas and the death penalty. I use them.

    * Amen! I just feel for the cops…it’s not like they just look for any old chance to shoot some guy. They were just doing the job that no one else wants.

  2. I agree. It sounds like dear old Dad has a little creeping paranoia (which in small doses may be a good thing these days) about the po-lees.
    I do feel your pain. My dad got up to some pretty wild shenanigans back in the days when I lived in the same town and my embarrassment was MAJOR! Please don’t let it get the better of you. He is basically a good guy. Old age tends to bring out the “I don’t give a f**K” in some folks!! LOL I has it!

  3. It could be worse. I can’t think of an example right now but I am sure it could. I like the sign and all but the towmotor really adds strength to the message. haha

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