Flashback Friday – Easter



I know what your thinking…

“What the Hell is that Easter Bunny wearing?”

That is my brother, JK with me. And it was really a good thing too.  If he wouldn’t have got that rascally rabbit in that head lock (he watched a lot of Hulk Hogen back in the day) when he did, I think that he quite possibly could have eaten me, look… his teeth are practically ready to sink right into the soft tender flesh of my neck. Just like some creepy vampire from Twilight. In fact, I bet the real reason that they cropped the photo where they did is because there was blood from the other sweet little children that didn’t have big brothers to guard them!

Do you think it’s some kind of evil retaliation for all the times I ate my chocolate Easter rabbit, you know traditionally, ears first?

In fact could someone fill me in on the reason that we have rabbits for Easter? What do the promiscuous little devils have to do with this religious holiday? I don’t remember them in any of the bible stories…Oh wait I bet Noah put 2 on the Ark. But he had a lot more than that at the end of his voyage, right? bunny












Oh and on another note…I didn’t want you to miss this. http://unreasonablefaith.com/2009/04/10/thanks-for-dying-jesus-this-candy-is-awesome/#comment-31749

Some of the comments are as good as the post.


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you too- that link at the end had me LMAO! Too funny and sadly true! Great pic of you and your bro too btw!

    * My bro was quite a cute little guy, hun?

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