Is it really worth it all?


4 thoughts on “Is it really worth it all?

  1. Thought I was gonna die laughing looking at this and another one starring this bear! Thanks! I needed a good laugh!
    Thanks for checking in on me too. I will post soon and give a little info about the goings on in my life…

    * We really do miss ya…hope your doing what makes you happy! 😉

  2. I always figgered that Polar Bears got enough exercise chasing down and eating seals.

    * EVYL!!!!! How are you? We miss ya round here.
    And what are you thinking, all polar bears go to the gym…silly.

  3. OMG we love the bear me and Tooters have looked him up on the internet all the time and watch all of his goofy crap. This is why we do our exercise the real WO-manly way outside in the elements lol.

    * He is a real bear right? I feel his pain…and frustration. 😆

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