Flashback Friday- Biker Babe

Laugh all you want at this one…I have to admit, I thought I was rather cool back in the day, but this one really tops the cake.

As you will remember from a few weeks past, I was in the local beauty pageant (OK, they didn’t have a lot to go with in a small town.)  But what do you do when the city that is to provide you with a float to ride on in the parade can’t get it to the parade route? Well my dears you improvise.


As you can see we found a rather fun bunch of bikers that gave us a ride. We had a blast! I don’t think anyone would have ever thought that we would make it on time to the parade, so they basically chalked us up as a miss for the day…but when we came threw with this rag tag bunch of men, the crowd loved us.

The bikers were part of a foundation that supports children that have been abused. They would appear at court dates and make the kids feel like they had ‘tough guys’ on their side so they didn’t feel alone when they have to testify against the predatory cast of criminals that can sometimes cower kids into thinking that being abused is just a part of life. We were proud to ride with the folks and give a little extra support to the kids that deserve to live a life free of abuse. scan0026


This parade is another one that I hope to never forget. And I know I did feel pretty bad ass up there on that bike…it was just a good thing they didn’t let us drive!


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