I know how to use it….

…and when you’ve got it, by hell, flaunt it!

I know I’ve got me some mad skills in the kitchen, and today you lucky folks are going to witness the fabulousness that is the Cowgal in the Kitchen!

One of my most beloved is a little number I call noodles outta ‘da can. First you must make sure you buy the right can…I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough. You get what you pay for people. Buy the real thing!

The can


After you open the can with the can opener of your choice, distribute the contents into a bowl. I like to use the microwave cereal bowls from Tupperware. As you can see this one already holds permanent stains from previous utilization. Please…remember not to clean your microwave, as this is just a waste of time. Most of the contents of the bowl will end up on the walls of the microwave anyway.

the nuker!
the nuker!

I also reccomend not reading anything to do with the instructions on the can. They will only confuse you with microwave heat ratings and such and will eventualy let you know in the end that all heating is just a guideline and your going to have to figure out how hot you want the stuff anyway. I prefer to cook for about 40 seconds.



After the inital time of your choosing, I then add cheese. Stir in and continue back to the heating process to melt said cheese to desired gooeyness. About another 30 – 40 seconds with mine.


When you have found the gooey level you have desired, serve with a well chilled beverage and finish off with a fine dessert. Wal-la baby! Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “I know how to use it….

  1. That is great I never thought to add the cheese. I have added canned corn and ground beef to stretch it. One night added a can of hormel chili and used pringles sour cream and onion chips to dip. Was pretty good but then again I had a few drinks under my belt lol.

    * Anything goes in my book…

  2. BWAHHAHAHA! I just bought a can of these not long ago because I haven’t had them in years and years. I never would have thought to add cheese (or anything else) to them. Gotta give you credit for creative skills, Cowgal! And thanks for the giggles. 🙂

    * I just felt bad that everyone else has such great crafts and cooking skills. I didn’t think I could share my mad skills with a BJ. But truth be told…I’m pretty good at that! hahaha :mrgreen:

  3. Hey, I don’t care what they say. You have the imagination of a genius. Cook on girl!

    Whenever I make mac n cheese, I always at salsa. Hot salsa at that. Giddy up!

  4. Dang girl, you sho do have mad skillz in da’ kitchen! ROFLMAO- and yeah, why bother cleaning the microwave? BAHAHAHAH!

    *I know…you should see my chilli from ‘da can. 😆

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