Flashback Friday-my first wheels

I told Jim the other day that I would have to post about my Chevy…so here she is. My first car. scan0032A ’67 Chevrolet Nova.  She’s not Jim’s car, but not bad for a first time Chevy girl!







I loved that little Nova. We cruised to a lot of local hot spots, and the guys loved to see a girl that wanted to race. Good thing I never lost, my mama taught me to race for nothing less than a title!

I was super sad the day I lost her…I was following a semi truck hauling heavy equipment on the freeway, when the boom on the track-hoe he was haulingcaught on the overpass he was going under.

My option was slam on the brakes or run head-on into the track-hoe in the middle of the freeway. I choose the first, not realizing that when the hoe came off the trailer that all the hydrauliclines on it had been ripped apart spilling all the fluid on the road. The result was like stopping on glass. I luckily steered clear of hitting the machine, but sideswiped a merging sign in the attempt.

Since the old girl was a unibody frame…I was out a cruser! The repairs would have cost more than the old gal was worth. It’s a lucky thing though…I came out of the crash with out a scratch.


7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday-my first wheels

  1. That is a nice little ride. A two door hardtop no less. I’m supposing it had at least a 283 with Powerglide. Right? Maybe a 327? Reminds me of the 95 Z28 I had that I traded to my son who got rear-ended in it two weeks later. The old Z28 was totalled. I know you miss it. I would.

  2. That is a beatiful car. I remember my first car was a 1980 Honda Accord with no fifth gear, no a/c and the breaks totally went out the first month in the middle of main street lol….. BTW it is nice to see someone else from Utah.

  3. Nothing like your first car. It represented freedom, the end of childhood and a sense of power. My first car was not as impressive as yours, but I remember her fondly.

  4. I remember my first car way back when was a Honda Accord the color of sick snot, no fifth gear and the breaks totally went out in the first month in the middle of main street. I swear the car was related to the car Christine and was trying to kill me. Love the site.

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