Flashback Friday…what can I say?

Growing up my dad was away from home, a lot. So any chance I had to spend with my dad I treasured. He was always the one that I could run to when I needed a shoulder to laugh on…I know, it’s odd but my dad had this way of always making me smile threw any tears. He almost always seemed to understand my warped scence of humor…I think that is one thing we still share.

Going threw my shoebox of photos a few weeks back I found this picture of us. I honestly have no idea where we were at or what in the world inspired up to do what we did to each other. But when I found it, instantly I cracked up and smiled at the fun times that he would bring home. I almost wonder if he would have been home more often if I wouldn’t have enjoyed him so much…then again, if he had been home can you imagine the trouble that we would have caused together? What were we thinking?

What were we thinking?

6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday…what can I say?

  1. Great picture! The grown-up you resembles your dad very much. Maybe it’s the mischievous grin…

    * We do have quite a naughty grin. You can never guess what we are up to.

  2. HAHAHA! That picture is Priceless. I especially love the mustache on your dads forehead.

    * I know…like he didn’t have enough facial hair!

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