I know…you didn’t even know I had an alter ego. But hey, every hero has to have one.


superOh wait that is my dog. That is not what you wanted to see.



Oh here it is…wait for it!

Yep…that’s me in all my finery! And just so you know, my stomach really looks like that!

Ha ha ha *snort*




I have seen this at a few other places around the web (~M and Mum). But if you want to see yourself in hero form…head out to this site. http://www.cpbintegrated.com/theherofactory/


9 thoughts on “Hero!

  1. I’m Bearded Angel. Ain’t this fun?

    *I wish we could do this kind of thing more often. It was a blast! I really like your hero…but he would be a little more heroish with a shaved head! tee-hee!

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