Flashback Friday ~ Serenade me



Flashback Friday has a real song and dance to it this week. OK, so I really don’t remember the dance, but I do have fond memories of the song.
Back in the day, I had high aspirations of going to college and becoming someone with a real career. The only thing holding me back…the lack of money to fund that dream. So to supplement my college fund, I tried out for the local beauty pageant. Not that you won hundreds of dollars for becoming Miss…(ha ha, had ya that time, you thought I would admit where I live hun!) but it was a scholarship fund that was there for the taking. I was stupid blessed enough to attempt this feat three times, and made it in the royalty twice. Never making it to the queen position. But hey…that is not the story here.
While on my second tour of duty (Parades at all the local town celebrations & other festivities), we were lucky enough to meet a wonderful bunch of gentlemen at the American Fork ‘Steele Days’ Celebration. While whiling away the time before we would be trucked threw the parade on our hideous cute float this barber shop style chorus sang to us.





That is me in the pink dress…eating up all the attention.

I will always remember sitting there in the sweltering heat of the sun in the middle of the road listening to the harmonizing voices of these adorable little old men singing “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me”. It was definitely a highlight to my summer. It was a worth while reason to get up at the crack of dawn, doll myself up, and wave that traditional Beauty Queen wave that Saturday morning. I have always wondered to this day who the men were, but then again, it was a little more fun not knowing!


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday ~ Serenade me

  1. Geez, I actually know a beauty queen. You may not have been Miss. . . whatever but hey, you made it.

    For college, girl, grants, and more grants. It’s never too late.

  2. Come on now! You gotta have a picture we can really see you better! I want to see you in all your pageant loveliness…

  3. That picture is priceless! How beautiful you look, with that flowing red hair–and how youthful, sitting right in front of the chorus, mesmerized by the music, like a little girl!

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