Award time for my blogroll

I’ve been thinking for a while now about how I could thank all of you that just go out of your way to have a great post every time I stop by to read. Not this wishy-wash crap that I throw out because I think I’m to busy to take a minuet to spell check or proof read my grammar…I mean really. I’ve been throwing up you-tube links like you couldn’t find them yourself if you had any desire to see anything like that anyway.


But to my point… if you find yourself on my blogroll there on the sidebar, this is for you!

Today I would like to bestow upon these fine blogs an award that I spent about as much time on as this post. OK…so it was a bit longer than that, but not much. prize-dog1

So here it is. In all it’s glory.

And the truth of the matter is I really do think that you have a great blog. Even if I don’t comment every time I zip in and read your hard work.

So snag that little dog and post him all over your place so that other folks will know just how hard you work (in case they are to dumb to notice.) And if you feel inclined to pass max (that’s his name…I thought it fit, but you can call him what ever you want) along to your favorite finds out there on the web, feel free. After all what else are we all here for!

Oh and I would like to give credit to who ever I stole max from…you can find the coloring page  here …ya I colored him myself.


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