Flashback Friday…The old man and me, 1998

I must admit that this is not my idea at all, but a stolen one. Deniseover at her blog had this great way of journaling her old photos. I just thought that it was so much fun and that it would break me out of this writing block. So here goes…the first Flash back Friday!

The old man and I took a fun little trip to Las Vegas just a few months after we started dating. He was shooting competition trap at the Las Vegas Gun Club. One afternoon we snuck off and went to Sam’s Town Casino. While there we had this fun photo taken.

When the west was wild!
When the west was wild!

We really had quite a fun time while we were in Las Vegas for the first time together. Even if I was only 19. I still can’t believe that our parents let us go. This trip was the first time that I knew for sure that the old man was the one for me…I got really sick on the way home and he doctored me back to health in the hotel room while all his friends went to the bar.


7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday…The old man and me, 1998

  1. YAY!!!! Yeah Flashback Fridays are the Best! I am glad you jumped onthe wagon. Cute Pic! My hubby and I have one similar. And I’m glad I know who you are now, I was wondering.

  2. Hey you silly girl! I found you through Denises blog! Very fun! You can check out my blog if you want but I have been kinda lazy with it lately and it’s kinda boring!

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