In the red

Why is it that you can paint your finger nails any color you want and they look great, until that is, you paint them red. What is it about this color?

Is there some reason that this color holds sway over my pedicure happiness? Some realm of beastly monsters that curse my manicures?Look at them piggies!

What is it? Oh well, from the looks of my toes I’m guessing that the old man did not marry me for them.

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a few minutes in the beauty shop.


8 thoughts on “In the red

  1. Great color WITH THE POLKY DOTS!!! lOVE THAT!!

    I’m with you on the red fingernails thing. There are only a couple of shades of red that I am comfy with on my fingernails but I adore looking down and seeing strawberries for toesies!!

  2. My toes are always, always some shade of red. I just love those polka dots! What a great idea. I used to paint little daisies on my daughter’s nails. Now I want polka dots on my toes, too!

  3. I love red on my toes & my fingers!! I almost always have my fingernails painted red. The brighter the better. I am a firm believer that if I’m gonna pay all the money to have my nails done, someone damn better be able to notice them! LOL!

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