What am I thinking?

I can’t believe that I am even attempting this, but since my 30th birthday is quickly approaching I thought I could knock off a few things off my “things I want to try before 30” list.

What I didn’t expect to do was buy myself scuba diving lessons. I mean for real…it’s the dead of winter.

Last night was my first lesson…I was a little surprised to be in the pool with all the gear on. It weighs a ton out of the water. I felt like a monkey strapped to a tree with it on my back until I got to work underwater. Then I started to hyperventilate. Something like rationalization kicked in and told my dumb ass “you can’t breath underwater!” Luck for me the old man is taking the class along with me and he and the instructor were super patient with me.

steveTonight we are going to a

local’s favorite to practice our skills. I’m told it is the only warm water scuba diving destination in the continental US. So I won’t freeze to death. Even thought it’s only going to be 16 degrees out.So if I don’t write for a while, start looking up my obituary. Wish me luck!



7 thoughts on “What am I thinking?

  1. While I didn’t die tonight…I didn’t do to well either. It was dark in the cave…really dark and I had a super panic attack. yikes…the instructor just laughed and told me we will do it again in the cave next weekend. Back to the pool for me to practice.

  2. LOL. YAY for you for doing something and crossing it off your list! This is a very brave one for you to do. Don’t let one little panic attack stop you – it was your first time – it’s to be expected. You are only going to get better, not worse! And have fun with it! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about it! 🙂

  3. I don’t do stuff like that. I was told I dive like a feather and swim like a rock. Strapping on that gear? I’d never resurface. But, you have fun out there. I want to do top end on my Corvette. If only the HP would look the other way for a few minutes.

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