Thursday 13…The christmas list

 This week we will examine the 13 things that are the worst Christmas gifts. Well as far as I can think up…

  1. A friendship bracelet from someone you don’t like
  2.  A locket with someone else’s relative photo enclosed
  3. Movie tickets to see “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”
  4. A box of Kleenex tissues (unless you get it as a joint gift with # 5)
  5. Used porn
  6. Socks & underwear…well just about any clothes.
  7. Suduko (I know some of you will be mad at me for this one)
  8. Puzzles (I’m sure same goes here…I just don’t have that kind of patients)
  9. Anything that was obviously a free sample
  10. Anything from the Lillian Vernon Catalog
  11. Gift certificates to a store you know I can’t fit in to any clothing they sell
  12. Rod Stewart’s greatest hits CD
  13. The gifts from the 12 days of Christmas…besides the golden rings.

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