Just so ya know…what makes me…well, me.

The Recipe For Cowgal Utah

3 parts Humor
2 parts Sweetness
1 part Sassy
Splash of BoldnessFinish off with a little umbrella and straw. Share with friends.





4 thoughts on “Just so ya know…what makes me…well, me.

  1. I like the Cowgal concoction 😉 …that was fun and I did it too…I am:

    3 parts Friendship
    2 parts Laughter
    1 part Wit

    Splash of Whimsy

    ….wow, I didn’t know I had whimsy…lol 😉

  2. Here’s mine:
    3 parts Devilry
    2 parts Impishness
    1 part Prosperity

    Splash of Giddiness

    I generelly leave out the giddiness. It gives me gas.

    * I’ve not had that problem with the giddiness, myself. funny how things react to others.

  3. 3 parts Silliness
    2 parts Beauty
    1 part Warmth

    Splash of Daring

    Finish off with whipped cream

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! CAN i eat myself 😉

  4. 3 parts Weird
    2 parts Impulsive
    1 part Treachery

    The acronym for WIT shows up

    Should you splash me with anything at all?! It’s up to you.

    * OK…I love a little splash of anything! tee-hee 😆

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