Tractor Heaven

My dad is a crazy old hippy, but he is a good guy. This little video is from earlier this year. It was all filmed at a friend of my fathers. He has a beautiful place in Central Utah, just a little plot of land, as you will see in the video, where he has his own tractor and antique display (not to mention his own airport). Just about everything you see has been restored by this gentleman and a bunch of his tractor loving friends. We took my nephew up for a weekend and he was in tractor heaven as he called it.


2 thoughts on “Tractor Heaven

  1. Wow – that is some fantastic stuff he has accumulated and what a great way to display it all. It’s like the antiques equivalent of Disney Land! I bet your nephew got quite the kick out of it. I sure enjoyed the video! 🙂

    * It was so much fun.

  2. That’s a whole lotta stuff on a little plot of land. Your nephew looks like he’s in a candy store and your father is sweet. I wish I could go. My huz’s mother’s huz (step father? sounds too bizarre) collects and has a fascination with tractors too- but not THAT MANY! The old town with the school is extremely cool. I wish I could go, looks like fun! Man oh man!

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