We can do it together…stamp out breast cancer!

October is breast cancer awareness month, as we all know. But I bet, ladies, you haven’t went and had your yearly exam. Don’t give me any excuses…there is no reason not to get checked.

Go to your doctor…get and exam. Did you know that if you don’t have the financial means to get your exam, there is help available.  The CDC offers a free or low cost screening for breast and cervical cancer, most available in your own community. If this still is not going to inspire you to get your self checked…may I sugest  at least a self examination… the Susan G. Komen fountation recommends checking with your doctor, but wants everyone to be aware of any changes. I like to do a self check quite regularly, but it’s for totally different reasons than what is suggested by my physician; we won’t get in to that here though. I’m not going to speak for all men, because there are a few strange ones out there, but for the most part, any random guy on the street would give them a quick squeeze and let ya know how they feel to him. In fact, truth be known, I can think of a few fellow bloggers that would love to set up shop and squeeze boobs all day, probably for free.  Yah, you know who they are.

And Men…prostate exams are just as important as our breast exams.
And Men…prostate exams are just as important as our breast exams.

Really though…this is a seriously nasty cancer that takes the woman we love and puts them threw Hell.  Get checked…and invite the woman in your life to get their exams as well. Also don’t forget, if you can, help out the American Cancer Society to raise money to fund lifesaving research and support programs to help fight breast cancer. My dear friend is walking next Saturday, October 11, right here in Utah. Making strides against breast cancer…if you would like to help her meet her goal this is a link to her site. I’m so proud of her.


3 thoughts on “We can do it together…stamp out breast cancer!

  1. Man, I had forgotten that October was breast health awareness month until I saw your post. Its a good reminder to self check- it could save your life. I think it’s great that your friend is walking, if I weren’t broke, I’d help out but I just want to say that I think it’s wonderful. Also, wonderful that you have this important reminder up for everyone!

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