Get Jiggy with it, or me, or who ever.

That wild and crazy trucker (we can still call him that,

right?)we have all grown to love has hit me with a fun loven’ toe tappin’ meme…and of course I’m up for just about any meme challenge. The game goes a little something like this…find a song that just makes you feel good and share it. Easy enough me thinks. So here goes.
I had to choose two…just caues I never play by the rules. This first one I dedicate to Peter…cause even if you stop trucking…life is a highway!


And the second one is a favorite for me as well, just another good tune that makes you grin all over your self. Your mama don’t dance…and I still think that Kenny Loggins is hot.


And I’m going to tag anyone that wants to join in on this one! Enjoy.




5 thoughts on “Get Jiggy with it, or me, or who ever.

  1. Sure you can still call me a trucker. 😉 Just enjoying some down time. Thank you so much for playing along CowGal. 🙂

    Both great songs. Love the first video, but I could have done without having to endure the hotness of Kenny Loggins. 😛

    Thanks again CowGal. 😀

    * Can I call ya Trucker Pete? Cause it just rolls off the tounge so nice…

  2. i remember when kenny loggins did that song in concert. the place went willlld !

    * i only have seen him once…and he didn’t do it then. 😦

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