Where has the cowgal been?

Sorry guys…I’ve not been around much lately. I’ve missed you all so darn much and have to tell ya what I’ve been up to.So ya know I was asking for some help a few weeks back with choosing a photo to take to the fair…sure you remember…anyhow, I won a ribbon on each of the 3 photos I took in and the old man won for his 2. Ya cool beans! We took home some serious prize money…a total of – wait for it – ya $9.00. I though about quitting my job, but the old man talked me in to staying a little longer, ya know, if ya just sever ties like that people will know I’m loaded.So…I noticed a photo contest that was looking for photography to display in a juried show this month. I figured since I already had the photos ready to go, why not give it a try…low and behold I was astonished to receive a call a few days after the close of the contest to let me know that my photographs had been accepted in to the show and they wanted me to bring more of my stuff down…I was tickled pink! So this last Friday night I went with my Aunt to my first Art show reception…where my photos were on display. In a real gallery and everything…not just on my mommy’s fridge door!

I didn’t win anything at this show, but my 4 photos are on display and for sale at the show threw the month of September. I didn’t feel a bit ashamed of not winning anything…the gentleman that took home the $300 best of show for the juried work has a professional shop in the downtown area and has been doing it for over 30 years.

So I know your itching to see what I took right??? Well here it is.



as is this one.

this is in the juried show
this is in the juried show
my favorite one.
this is one I took over after the contest.






10 thoughts on “Where has the cowgal been?

  1. Awesome! Too bad the contest winnings weren’t bigger but I guess you have to start out small and it looks like you are quickly moving up in the art world! Wow. Good for you! Keep us posted and don’t forget about your virtual cheerleaders here in the blogosphere who knew you when. 🙂

    * Forget about you guys…never! How could you think such a thing. 😉

  2. That is SO fantastic! Congrats for being in the gallery, that must’ve been exhilarating, and I can see what they saw in you, those photos are really something 🙂

    * Is this the long lost Romi…I see you around, but you are so fast…it’s hard to catch up to ya. Thanks for the request on myspace.

  3. The dragonfly is absolutely amazing Cowgal! Jeez, you are sooooo talented! Congrats on your awards…. but I LOL at your sense of humor, wait for it, $9- I thought about quitting my job….. you are a hoot and I missed you too, don’t be gone so long, I was starting to have withdrawals. 😦

    * I have been going crazy getting everything ready for it…not it’s all up and going, I have some more time. I’ll be making my rounds…I promise.

  4. Ooooo, those are loverly. I love all of your photos! And how exciting…a gallery show. Congrats!

    * Oh…thank you. I really like your photos too. So that means a ton to me! 🙂

  5. Yes that’s ME! Believe me you’re even faster than me, I’ve been wondering where you’ve been at, but from this post I can see you’ve been busy!

    (and the only time I’ll really disappear is when there’s a man keeping me occupied…lol 🙂 )

    * A man??? are you telling me something?

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  7. hahaha….I WISH I was trying to tell you something of that nature…but nope 😦 …not yet!

    * Well someday…it happens to us all I’m afraid.

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