I made up my mind….

I have been wanting a tattoo for quite a long time, but I hate to just run out and get some random thing that I will regret for the rest of my life. So after quite a bit of research and debating in my little brain I think I have settled it down to this little design, This is it! that I want to put across the top of my left foot. I know that it sounds like a strange place but I figure that it will not get any uglier with time as I age…and I can always hide it if I’m going someplace super fancy like, or if an employer has any qualms’ about tats. So, now when I find the right artist, and gather the cash up…


9 thoughts on “I made up my mind….

  1. That’s very pretty! I think the top of the foot is good idea for all the reasons you stated above. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much. Yikes.

    *I asked one of the nurses I work with to get me some numbing cream before I go…one can only hope!

  2. So, is there any story behind this choice? The top of the foot does sound painful. It is cute. It’s kinda art deco meets free love meets Celtic knots. I like it. 🙂

    * I wanted something that had meaning, so yes, a bit of genealogy and a bit of religious and a touch of love for Celtic art.

  3. Howdy! It’s been a long time! hey this is an area I know alot about. The top of the foot is going to be a pretty tender place! But I think that design will look really nice there, just don’t plan on wearing heavy shoes over it for the first few days while it scabs and heals. Have you decided where you’re going to have it done? If you come up to Salt Lake, I recommend Lost Art Tattoo, they’re on State or Main it think, between 300 and 400 south. I got my last 2 there, and they’re easily the best work I’ve had. I HIGHLY recommend them. Good luck!

    * Hi….where have you been? I missed ya. And thanks for the tip.

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by! the number for Lost Art is 801-537-7858 and the address is 348 South State Street. I recommend Dean HIGHLY, but make your appointment in advance – there’s a waiting list, and for good reason! Tell him the Jack Sparrow lady sent you! 🙂

    * Perfect…thanks!

  5. Go for it! I love the design. A friend of mine is turning 50 soon and has a list of all these things she wants to do before then, one of which is getting a tattoo. She’s rounded up a couple of us to go to Myrtle Beach with her Saturday (depending on what happens with the hurricane(s) out in the Atlantic), and were’ all going to get henna tattoos. They don’t last but a few days, we like the brownish color, they aren’t painful, and they’re a lot less expensive.

    * How fun…my sis-in-law and I had henna done in Las Vegas last spring, I loved it, but it took forever to dry, I got the ink on my favorite shirt….and I had to throw it out. 😦

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