Don’t worry…I’ll be OK!

I have wanted to do a video post for some time, seeing some others around the neighborhood, but I really didn’t know what to say.

So while the old man and myself were out last weekend with his family fishing, I asked him to do a little photography and a bit of video so you could get to see the real me in action.

relax...I'm fine!

We went out to one of our favorite spots, so as you could see the beauty of Utah.

I got one! In the net...look at me go!

But let me warn you…what you are about to see may be disturbing. In fact before we head to the video let me give you a little back story. While I was in school, I had high aspirations of becoming a vet, a large animal vet…because of my utter fear of the creepy crawly things that pet vet’s see on a regular basis. I don’t do things to animals that don’t have fur / hair. I’m really OK with the hole blood and guts thing (as long as it’s not my own), seen hear

Yes...notice the glove!



And here.

yes...more gloves here!
yes...more gloves here!

But animals that have slithery skin just creep me out. This is why in fact that when I go fishing, I never, never, never touch the fish with my bare hands. It just freaks me out…but this last fishing trip I made a huge mistake, I took my favorite little boat, and cruised around the little lake and well…just watch the video.

I got out OK and I’m going to remember never to fish from my boat again! You can just hear the sympathy in the old man’s voice with his mother.

Oh and Peter…I’m not eating that now! I’ll let the the In-Laws enjoy it!

we got our limit...time to head for home!
we got our limit...time to head for home!



7 thoughts on “Don’t worry…I’ll be OK!

  1. OHMYGAWD girl you had me cracking up so much my daughter came in here to see what I was laughing at! I so wanna go fishing with you! Love the pictures. As my husband would say, you are our kind of folks!

  2. LOL! You laugh like a little girl! I was cracking up when you were afraid it was going to go up your shorts! I actually think it is a good idea about the gloves though. So did the in-laws enjoy the fish?

  3. You totally read my mind. From the very beginning of this post I was wondering if you tried the trout yet. 😉 Are you ever going to try it? You were cracking me up too. I’d definitely stick to the bank for fishing from now on. 😛

    I haven’t been fishing in forever and a day. Looks like you guys were having a wonderful time. Utah is such a beautiful place. We’re looking to be driving through one of the most scenic parts tomorrow. Maybe I’ll post on it. 🙂

  4. That’s what I’m talking about. . .fish hooks and a rubber air filled boat. Just a side here. I got one of those boats one time. Blew it up on the living room and tried to take it outside through the door, broke the light fixture when I picked it up and it cut a hole so big in it that I couldn’t patch it. I was a lot younger then. . . With age comes wisdom.

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