Just a drop in the ol’ bucket…


I tried all night to come up with a cutesy little introduction to this fun little meme that Teeni at the Vaguetarian Tea Room passed on over to me, but I was just having a brain fart and couldn’t think up anything clever, so I’ll just jump right in here. This is a bucket list of 8 things that I would like to do (given that I ever have the time or money with the way I’m going now days) before I kick the bucket! Let’s hope that it’s a while off just yet, OK. I did a list a while back, with 30 things I wanted to do before I turn 30, and that just seems to be getting nearer, with not so much of the list done so possibly 8 things before I die will be easier. And heck…I may as well go wild right?
I want a tattoo.

Be on a game show.

Visit Africa and see the wild animals

Visit all 50 states…and meet my blog friends along the way!

Find the burial site of an ancestor that never came to America.

Tell a family member exactly what I really think of them…we won’t list any names here.

Visit all the Oceans.

Streak at a public event ( but I want to look good doing it)


Oh and don’t forget, I’m a tagger, so who will be it? If you haven’t already done it, how about

Java Queen, 2 Lazy Dogs, I married a county boy, and my bff Joebecca, and well anyone else that wants to take this one for a test drive. Oh ya, and while your out and about, drop on over and see what Ms. Teeni had to say when she passed this one to me.

7 thoughts on “Just a drop in the ol’ bucket…

  1. Great answers! I wonder what kind of tattoo you want. LOL @ streaking at a public event but wanting to look good doing it. That was classic. Thanks for playing, Cowgal and thanks for the link back. I always love your answers!

    * No my dear, thank you for the invite, this one was really fun!

  2. Do you have something particular in mind for the tattoo, and where on your body would you get it?

    * I’m really thinking serious about something celtic on the top of my foot. But I can’t decide on what quite yet.

  3. Hi Cowgal! Thanks for the tag; I’ll get on it tonight at work 😉 Your Meez are awesome! I can see you are totally in the Olympic spirit! Nice! Love your bucket list, very inspiring…. STREAK IN A PUBLIC PLACE, oh girl! You are so hilarious, I could never do that (I don’t think?) and you crack me up! Muah-ha-ha-ha!

    * Ya, I think I get in to the olympics a bit to much, I love the Gymnastics. Them girls are GREAT, and I mean all of them, not just the USA. But I do always cheer for the home team.

  4. Give me a heads up before you run around nekkid.

    * Did you want to watch or make sure you don’t see it? I think it will be a while off yet, I don’t run so fast and I’m not eager to get put in the pen. But, if I do my think in your neck of the woods, would you keep an eye on my in the slammer?

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