Help me, Please…

I’m a little shy about my love for art, but I have decided to submit some photos for the local fair next week. I just can’t decide what to submit…I can enter 3 of the following categories.

~Action- non sport

~Animal – pet

~Human Interest




~Photo Journalisim




~Still Life




The old man is going to submit this one in the Human Interest category, so I would rather not compete with him, if at all possible.


He snapped this one during one of his rescue missions with the county search and rescue office. It was last summer after a tragic fire that a life flight was called out to transport the person to the hospital.


But here are my favorites for me to submit…after all, it’s just a chance to show off my favorite hobby.

~ Portriture – I like the shadowing on his little face, but I know it’s not very flattering.

~Scenic – I love this one, but I’m worried about the darkness of the bottom of the photo?

~Scenic – it’s a little ugly off the side of the river, but if I crop in and then make an 8X10 it’s a bit grainy…

~Scenic – I don’t know if I just like this one because of the back story of why I shot it.

~Humor or Animal-pets – I think this is just so darn funny…sorry the scan of it is not as good as the print.


7 thoughts on “Help me, Please…

  1. I loooove the one with the clouds. That’s definitely my favorite. And the river pic is a close second – I don’t mind the left side and actually like that it’s off-set…makes it a more interesting composition. But, then, I’m never very fond of things being symmetrical.

  2. I love the first scenic one – I wouldn’t worry about the darkness at the bottom. I also like the cloud one. 2LD has good points about the offset river too! I think those are where your strengths are in this batch, in my opinion, anyway. And good luck – it sounds like fun! 🙂

  3. I REALLY like the scenic one with the clouds. Not only do the clouds look perfect, they sit nicely in the top right while the majority of the hills sit nicely in the bottom left. That’s great composition.

    Of course from what I know about fairs (not a lot), I get the impression the dog one would be pretty popular.

  4. i love the rock/river one and superdog!

    * I went with the sunset and the dog. I guess we will see on Thursday how it goes.

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