For Real???

For those of you that read often and happened upon a post I did last week, you will imagine my disgust last night when I pulled in my neighborhood on my way home from work to see my habitat for humanity neighbors (that have lived in their home now for 3 summers), getting their yard all prepped (by volunteers none the less) for sod that the church is going to pay for, I almost choked to death! The old man said that when he came home the next-door neighbors came across our lawn and had the same types of thoughts as myself. Don’t people like my neighbors ever get tired of handouts? I would feel so awkward constantly taking and never being able to give back.   


8 thoughts on “For Real???

  1. They should be totally ashamed that church money is paying for sod (unnecessary) when there are so many other life threatening situations that money could go for. They need to do like the rest of us cash strapped folk and buy some cheap lawn seed and pray for rain. Ugh, I share your disgust. What the heck is the church paying for it thinking??!?

    * Ya…it’s crazy. I think, but I haven’t snooped good enough, that they got a sprinkler system as well. Ggrrr!

  2. Do you know what’s just as sickening? In our welfare meeting last Sunday, our bishop told us that the apartment complex in our ward boundaries hung a sign on their manager’s door, saying that if they couldn’t pay their rent, they should call the Catholic Relief Fund or the LDS Church.

    I’m dying to know: are your neighbors getting a sprinkling system, too, or do you think the church will pay for new sod next summer?

  3. (Oops, just read your previous comment about the sprinkler system.)

    Where do you live? I TOTALLY want to move into your ward. Maybe we could get our house remodeled and our yard landscaped… seems as we’d like to do both but can’t afford either one right now.

    *rolling my eyes*

  4. Even if the church buys them a mower I doubt they’ll tend to the grass. Like Kemi said “…do you think the church will pay for new sod next summer?”

    I don’t have a problem with helping the needy, but let’s not over do it. Once they’ve reached the “no longer needy” level take the training wheels off.

  5. I have a problem with helping people who won’t help themselves. There is nothing wrong with giving to those in need but there is no point in giving to those who will squander because it doesn’t help them and we could’ve used the money to help someone who WOULD help themselves or keep it for our own hardworking selves. Sheesh. No point in watching it go down the drain. These situations are frustrating and I totally agree with DropofKim – grass seed wasn’t good enough when they are getting it for free and the church is using hardworking people’s money to pay for the good stuff – sod? I had a house built once and even then all we got was the spray on grass seed. Okay, I have to leave this post now before I get all bent out of shape.

  6. Get to snooping girl! I wanna know if they are actually taking the churches money to ALSO have a sprinkler system. UGH. Or maybe I don’t wanna know. I don’t have neighbors here that I would want to snoop on. The street I live on is pretty calm so I am living vicariously through you! 😀

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