Let’s work together to make the community stronger…

Or we could always help the same old type of people that show no gratitude and squander away a $450,000 home.


Reading this article about a family that has done just that made me almost scream out with fury. In a statement reported by the AP “Materials and labor were donated for the home, which would have cost about $450,000 to build.”


It also follows to say that the “…Beazer Homes’ employees and company partners also raised $250,000 in contributions for the family, including scholarships for the couple’s three children and a home maintenance fund.”




 I work, I pay my bills, I try to obey the law, and yet I wake up every morning and go to the kitchen sink and look out at my neighbors’ home and want to puke. Yep, you guessed it. I live directly across the street from a home that was built by habitat for humanity.


The “small” Mormon family of 7 had their home built for them because they couldn’t afford to do it on their own. Well here is some food for though…Dad works for the LDS church, good for him. I’m sure that it’s hard work being a teacher. But for the sake of all that is right in this world…you were not asked by your faith to multiply and stock the earth all by yourself…pull and roll dude!

Mom is a foreigner…bless her sweet little heart, I’m all for people wanting to come to America, and she even speaks English. But put on your big girl panties and get a job at McDonalds like every other person that has to work around her husbands hours so as to not have to pay for a sitter for the young ‘en’s.

Then the teenagers…now I’m just being a bitch on this one, but I don’t think that if I can’t purchase a home on my own, my teens would not have their own truck and ATV’s, granted that they do share the truck, but it’s not like either of them use it to go to an after school job.

And then we get down to the youngest… we have a nice young bunch of neighbors, the old man and myself are the only ones without children, and I love to celebrate Halloween. All the kids on the block enjoy a little trip around to show off their costumes, after, of course the big shin dig at the elementary school so the little ones don’t have to truck all over town. This family of course, just loads the kids up in the wagon and brings them over and shouts instead of making the kids get out of the wagon and knock…ya strange. But the best part is after they do the tour for free candy…they go home and turn out all the lights and don’t answer the door for the other neighborhood children. HELLO…if you can’t afford to play the game, don’t participate!


I know I get a little hot under the collar about this subject, but enough is enough. I watch so many folks come in to the doctors office and tell us how hard life is and that they just don’t have the money this time for the co-pay…but it just eats me up when it’s only $3.00 because they are on State Medicaid insurance and they are packing in a new iphone and a six dollar combo meal from the fast food joint down the street. Tonight even as I was typing this up, I checked in a patient that just had to be seen ASAP for her depression…she once again is on Medicaid, due to her 3 unmarried pregnancy, and she tells me she has no money for her co-pay. Then she sits down with the other kids and asks them if they want to go to the pool after they leave the doctors…Ggrrrr! 


5 thoughts on “Let’s work together to make the community stronger…

  1. OMG, don’t even get me started….. *furious*. Just sickening. I am with you 110% I actually got frustrated reading this. It’s not fair, that’s all I can say. I’m workn’ nights just to have insurance for my family. I’m scraping by but somehow get everything paid on time leaving me with little or no cash, and yet, we make way too much money for any kind of handout – nor would I want one. I’m just out of words on this. It’s b.s.

    * Ya know it’s the truth about wanting the hand outs…i guess you have to be brought up diffrent than we were…I just don’t feel right about taking things.

  2. The idea behind financial aid is great, but the reality more often than not is just sad. America, the land of opportunity… at someone else’s expense? That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Too much help in the form of handouts and not enough education in the form of producing self sufficient citizens. It’s even more bothersome now that times are harder for everyone, yet people like your neighbors probably don’t even notice. Just another day to them. 👿

    * it just makes me sick to think about it!

  3. I totally feel you. I would say more but it would turn into a rant. Not enough room for that here so I will just say amen!

    * I asked the old man to read my post last night and he jsut shook his head and told me he hoped that the other neighbors didn’t read my rant. Oh well…you just have to get it off your chest.

  4. This is so infuriating that it is hard to comment. I hate stories like this. In defense of the families though, I do have to say another view I’ve heard which is interesting. Sometimes these shows like Extreme Home Makeover and such end up building these wonderful homes for families that just can’t afford them and have no right to even accept in the first place. I’ve heard of some families being worse off after one of these shows intervened because their household income was not able to cover the annual taxes of owning such homes. So that was an interesting take on it although I think we more often see the type of behavior that you described with your neighbors. Anyway, I think these charitable organizations would be better off spending the money by hiring people to help the families survive and thrive while living within their means. Not everyone has to own a home, not everyone has to have a gaggle of children, and certainly no teenager needs a car unless they have an after school job to get to. So yeah, maybe we all could use some priority training too. Sheesh.

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