Fish pedicures are creating a splash

Not just for bait any carp are all the rage!

I just don’t think I’m up for the latest in pedicure treatments. Reading online this week I came across a story that had my lunch “swimming” way to close to the overfill line…Fish Pedicures. From what I gathered when I googled this little tale, the special breed of carp used in the procedure won’t eat the live skin because of a lack of teeth…they just suck the dead skin away. You can “catch” a little clip about this sensation here.

The only problem is that there is only one place in the US to offer this, the D.C. area. Well, really, who else needs it…I’m sure that most of the bureaucrats in the Washington area would tell you their are quite use to getting their feet wet.




8 thoughts on “Fish pedicures are creating a splash

  1. Shoot, I got myself one of them fancy pedicures every time I took my daughter swimming at the creek. Stand still long enough and the little fishies gather around you and nibble! People are paying for this? LOL I’m always ahead of my time…:D

  2. I would LOVE to have that done! Am I a freak?
    I think it’d feel great. I’d just worry that the fish would tickle me and I’d kick and hurt them by accident.
    But for baby smooth feet? It might be worth a fish or two getting harmed.

    * I was wondering about when it’s time to get out…would you step on the slow ones? *squish* yuck!

  3. Like DropOfKim I’ve had this treatment while swimming in a lack. I wouldn’t mind having it dune to me from head to toe, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay for it. 😛 Hey, this also reminds me… did you ever try the trout? 🙂

    * You naughty man! Head to toe? And as for the trout…not got a chance yet. Last trip out we only caught catfish, and danged if I’ll eat that again…I worked at the cracker barrel in high school.

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