Back in the good ol’ days

 I was reading along, all unsuspecting like, over at Red’s place yesterday, when this post  she had done on the old and new versions of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies got me a thinking…and yes it did hurt my wee little brain.

Any how…I remembered back to the days of running home from school as fast as my feet would take me, to catch the

Wonderful World of Disney It’s so different than what the kids watch now after school. It was great to welcome in to my living room Walt Disney and occasionally his little friend that knew about everything, Ludwig von Drake (Donald Ducks uncle). Each day was a new surprise of what you would see, Davy Crockett, stories about Disneyland, short character cartoons, and the ones I absolutely loved were the little stories that they would do with the animals in the wild, you know the ones, they were called True-life adventures. They had all the fun little episodes of bear cubs and deer romping around in the wild to African wildlife and adventures under the sea with everything in between, all with that man that would narrate exactly what the animals were thinking. I really liked that the animals didn’t talk…I liked the narrator!


So, how at this point does this relate at all to Red’s post about remakes of old movies…remember the classic version of the Incredible Journey, the one with the narration, classic Disney? Ya…the newer version sneakily titled

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey  was OK…just not the same, I was not as impressed. But sharing my favorite with younger generations doesn’t always go over so well. And I’m not saying that I hate the newer option, I was very impressed at the choice of the animals voices, Don Ameche and Sally Fields’ characters’ did a remarkable job enlightening Michael J Fox’s, Chance, to be a better dog when they got home. But it’s not the same as just looking into the big brown eyes of the Labrador to see that he might not make it, and then seeing the love from the eyes of the cat and bullterrier that won’t leave him behind…it’s magnificent. I guess that everyone has their favorite, but for me I like the traditional one. To each their own…


3 thoughts on “Back in the good ol’ days

  1. No one can narrate a show like Rex Allen Jr. in these old Disney Nature Films. I loved it when he narrated Me, Myself, and Irene. It gave it that little bit extra.

    *so is that the famous voice…ya it’s just what it needs.

  2. We just bought “Good Time Charlie” about a cougar in the Oregon forests. I love The Wonderful World of Disney. We’re educating our children on the best stuff, I think. LOL.

    * Oh I remember that one…it was great.

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