The soundtrack to life.


I’m sure as every child I wondered, naturally, why only Disney characters and pop princesses had a soundtrack to their lives. I thought on quite a regular basis that if I only had musical interludes to prepare me for upcoming events, that possibly I could weather the heartbreaks of loves lost (Your in love Wilson Phillips) and I would know the proper time to have my first kiss (Kiss Dean Martin) and could have passed gym class (Eye of the Tiger Survivor) and US history (America Neil Diamond) with flying colors . Even the day I wrecked my β€˜67 Chevy I could have dealt with it a little better (Manic Monday Bangles). A Day out with friends (Little Honda Beach Boys) or cleaning the house(True True Housewife Alabama), a day at the office (Working for a living Huey Lewis), driving the dog to the vet (Hound Dog Elvis), or walking to the mailbox (Send me an Angel Scorpions), can you just imagine when the old man got home in the evening…the “what’s for dinner?” (Hungry like a Wolf Duran Duran) and “let’s get it on” (Are you ever gonna love me Holly Dunn) turn in to a little song and dance? Even the embarrassing moments could have been turned around, everyone at some point has asked someone they are with “do you remember that guys name…hurry he is on his way over here” (You know my name Chris Cornell) and the neighborhood kids would know if they had pissed me off (If looks could kill Heart) without me actually having to strangle them. I’m not sure…maybe it could get a little old taking out the trash can (That Smell Lynyrd Skynyrd) and my bishop may not really want everyone’s take for religion (Faith George Michael, Like a Prayer Madonna, Don’t stop believing Journey).


6 thoughts on “The soundtrack to life.

  1. With my luck all I could ever score in the soundtrack department would be “Dueling Banjos” from the movie “Deliverance”. 😐 Dang it.

    * The old man read your comment and almost died with laughter…he said that he would have the same one somedays. I’m sorry…

  2. Oh, this was clever and a fun read! You included so many songs that I haven’t heard in a long time. But it’s funny how they fit right in there! Nice one, Cowgal! πŸ™‚

    * I was cleaning up my storage room the other night and found a bag with tapes in it…I really had a strange collection.

  3. Great post. I always have some song playing in my head that relates to what is going on. Perhaps I have a shizophrenic DJ as one of my voices.

    * That may be it! 8)

  4. Love it! Lynyrd Skynrd for taking the trash out. That’s hilarious! I use that song for when I have to go with hubby to visit a hog farm around here. I think to myself, maybe if I sing it loud enough, I won’t notice the smell. Doesn’t work and the pigs don’t really care for my singing. Love your place here by the way!

    * Thanks for stopping by…I just love your place as well. I can just see you singing to the little piggies. πŸ˜‰

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