I’m feeling a little blah today…

I just can’t get motivated today.

I have begged to work at the office closer to my home for 2 years now, and this week, the receptionist that is normaly there is off, so here I am. Just seven blocks away from home and I love that it took me like 2 minuets to get here…and at the price of gas I just drove my little buggy (top down, wind in my hair). But now that I’m actually here…I just feel a little out of place.

I normally work for 6 doctors, and between all the staff at the regular office there is about 60 people that staff that office. Here I have the Doctor as in just 1, the nurse, the x-ray/ lab person and myself. It’s not that I don’t know or like the other folks here…I just don’t really have anything to chat with them about. I have been sitting at my desk, just working away like a good little girl, and I hear the nurse and lab girl chatting it up, laughing and joking. I just feel like I’m in a little box all to myself today. Oh well…it’s a nice change, I guess…


9 thoughts on “I’m feeling a little blah today…

  1. Well maybe it’s a bit of time for quiet reflection, and as soon as you’re ready to let it all out just do it! They’ll be addicted to your personality 😉

    * Or they will kick me back to the other office.

  2. Awww, if I were in that office working, I’d be drawn to you like a magnet! {{HUGS}} I don’t like feeling out of place. It stinks! I’ve missed you and just wanted to stop over and say hello!

    Anyway, hopefully you are getting a little more sleep because the commute is shortened 😉

    Much Love!

    * Oh thanks…that was so nice. And yes the sleep is wonderful!!!

  3. It’s closer, but hmmm… is it worth it? Do you still want to work there regularly?

    * I don’t know that it’s that bad, but I guess it was nice to give it a test spin this week.

  4. as llong as itaint a barbie doll …i take that as a compliment!

    *I was thinking a cabbage patch…I like them the best!

  5. Aw, poor girl. I know what it feels like to be the odd man out. It’s just weird. Not that anyone is being mean or anything, just that out of place feeling – like you’re all alone, even though there are people are around you. Well, if you stay in that office, I’m sure it will be quickly changed. YOu’re so sweet and friendly and funny, you’ll have them eating out of your hand in no time. Chin up, hon.

    * today has been a little better, and monday will see me back to my old office, in the regular swing of things

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