I hope I don’t starve to death…

The old man and I went fishing last night and it’s a good thing that I took him along…I didn’t catch a thing. But he did ok for the short while we were there.

Well possibly I was busy with the camera and not the fishing pole.





7 thoughts on “I hope I don’t starve to death…

  1. seriously BFF2, the scenery is to fucking DIE FOR! oh, the fish aren’t bad either!! i would kill to have such nature around me. all we get is construction barrels.

  2. You gotta try the trout some time. It is a very tasty fish, and that’s coming from a very picky eater (another beef and tater kid). 😉

    * I will give it a try…just for you. I’ll let ya know what I think, we are going fishing again on Sunday.

  3. Sooo… Did you give the trout a try??? 😕

    *Well not yet…we did catch a few, but the old man took them to his grandparents. I guess next round. The old man is going this week to Strawberry Res. from what I hear they have a salmon breed, I think that sounds good.

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