Oh where, oh where did she go?

I’ll be the first to admit it that some things in life will forever evade me. Like getting rich, for example. While like every American, I have big hopes and dreams of making it big in Las Vegas or becoming the next American Idol, but I think that realistically I would be content with winning enough money on the Deal or No Deal game show to just pay off my house.


But where do you draw that line and say that enough is enough, when do stop dreaming and face the music that this is just not an option. When do you have to put on your big girl pants and realize that you’ll be working for the rest of your fricking life!


Everyone seems to be talking about the economy and the high cost of everything today around me, I don’t know if it’s just the impending elections this fall, or what. Even the front page of today’s local Daily Herald is plastered with county officials asking for a raise and the congress disclosing finances. Don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling the pinch just like the next Joe Blow, but who is getting rich off this crazy wheel?


If like me you look at the checkbook each payday and cry, you’ll understand what I mean. I have heard rumors of these so-called cost of living raises…but like snipe hunting as a girl, I’ve never met a person that has seen one for themselves, it’s always that elusive word of mouth jargon. I try and pay the bills on time: power, gas, house phone and cells, TV, Water and sewer, and I don’t think the old man and myself have too much debt, just the average American nowadays: home, car, an emergency credit card and one for me to have to my favorite store, Old Navy. You add to that the daily things in life: groceries, gas, and a little lunch money and where does that leave you? In the Red…so you try and cut down a little here and there, trim the old TV back to the basic news and weather channels, then you cut up your favorite store’s credit card that you have honestly not used in the last 6 months anyhow. At this you stand back and re-evaluate, where have I gone wrong?


Both the old man and myself work full time, and while yes we could pick up an additional job with the hours that we work, where would that get us…I’m really quite fond of that little bit of time that we have together, and if thinking is anything thing, that time we share together is free time! Cost efficient savings…sex doesn’t cost a thing. And getting another job to me defeats the purpose of complaining, if you have the money but not the time, what good is the money? But in all fairness, I don’t think that I could get a side job right now, listening to the radio the other night I heard an advertisement for Utah by the Governor, Utah has the one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the nation right now (like 4%), and ultimately that says to me that the workforce is quite saturated in people that know what their doing at the job they are working at. Over qualified people already fill the jobs at the non-demanding workplaces.


So where does someone find that a penny saved is a penny earned, and where in today’s world where the Dollar is not wanted in the world markets, does that penny mean a thing? It seems to me that no one has any answers for us, no one wants to tell you where all the money seems to be hidden, and certainly no wants you to know if they have a gold mine in the back yard. 


4 thoughts on “Oh where, oh where did she go?

  1. You and I are living in a world where we’ve been programed to live beyond our means, and that’s when times are good. Now that times aren’t so good, cutting back is an extra hard thing to do, yet cut we must. Our best bet is to learn to enjoy less. Then when the good times return (and they will) we’ll then feel a bit richer. At that point in time continue to enjoy less, and bask in more stress free living (if you learn to enjoy less, you’ll have more). It’s not too far off, so hang in there. The good times will return, and they’re not as far off as the media would lead you to believe. 😉

    *Thanks, I sure do hope your right!

  2. I feel your pain! It’s a hard and rude awakening when one realizes that she probably is never going to be rich no matter how hard she works. A few weeks ago when President Bush’s daughter got married, I skimmed an article about the young couple’s future plans. They had both just graduated from college, and he was being considered for a position in a law firm. However, what really caught my eye and left me awestruck(?) for days is that they were buying a house that cost $440,000! These people weren’t even working yet! How could this be, I wondered. I’ve read many times that there are CEOs who make more on Jan. 1 of every year than most of their employees will make all year. Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture, but I don’t have the means to fix it…or to even figure it out.

    * that is just crazy…$440,000? Glad it’s theirs…

  3. i really feel you on this post darlin. mike and i were just talking this morning on how between the two of us we bring in $4000 a month and we are still scraping by! but with mortgage, two cars, insurance, utitlities, cable, water, and necessities it just flies right out of our hands. it’s almost sickening isn’t it?

    * It makes me want to cry…

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