Patio Party!

We have been waiting for seven long years to say that! I’m so excited to actually have my first offical patio party today for Father’s day…

The cement is finally done to have a real patio.. I was so stoked to come home and see the men doing all the hard work. Good thing I had plenty of Bud on hand to keep them happy.


The old man was so happy to have this done that he got another load and finished up the sidewalk to the back yard just yesterday also.


So we are having the whole family over this afternoon for a barbque. I just can’t wait to spend the rest of the summer out there enjoying my little bit of heaven! Now I can actually finish the lawn and flowers back there as well!


Hope you all have a great Father’s Day!


7 thoughts on “Patio Party!

  1. Wow – I was just gonna say what Evyl said! You have an awesome mountain view. I’d love to see more of it. And what is the view like from relaxing on your patio?

    Well, congrats on the new patio – I hope it gives you many wonderful happy years of relaxing outdoors in nature and beauty.

    * It is loverly…I love to have breakfast out there and watch the sun come over the mnts. now it’s even better!

  2. Looking good. You’re on the path to your own personal resort. Enjoy the journey and the destination. 😉

    *Now If I could just get a pool so I can have my own pool boy…

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