Another lazy day meme

I just really need to sit down and write, but I have no idea what to work on so here I am, stealing another meme from some random unsuspecting blogger. But I would like to give them (he/she) some credit. So if you would like to steal also… wait that just sounds like I have given you my permission to steal from previously mentioned site, that is not what I intended…ya know, how about I just go on with the meme here!

You all know how it works…

What were you doing 10 years ago?


No laughing allowed…working as a waitress at the local Cracker Barrel, just a year out of high school and not married, happily dating the old man. Still living at home with the folks and being a nobody.

5 Things on today’s to-do list


Get butt out of bed

Go to work

Pay attention at work

Drive safely home from work

Have great sex with the old man

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire


Pay off all my debt

Quit my job

Buy a motor home and travel. Visit all lower 48 states.

Buy a boat…I always wanted one.

Have great sex daily with the old man. Ha ha ha!

5 Bad habits


Being to tired at the end of the day to have sex. (this is just wrong, I know)

Nail biter

Rolling my eyes at people as they walk away (sometimes you get caught. Oops)

Finding humor at other peoples expense and stupidity.

Running around naked in my own house and not caring if my super religious neighbors see me.

5 places I have lived


Ha ha ha…like I’m going to give you my address. I’m blond but not that blond! If you can’t tell I have lived in Utah my whole life.

5 jobs I have had



One Hour Photo technician


House Keeper

Cashier at grocery store






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