I’m feeling a lot safer now.

Just as I was thinking that my last post was way to long for anyone to read, you ask for more. Well to tell ya the truth, it just happened to be a huge gust of wind that burst threw…I’m afraid if it would have been some random neighbor kid, not paying attention to what house they had burst in to, the old man would have scared the crap right out of them.

But what if it would have been a criminal. What do you do at that point? Follow their arse out the door in nothing but your skivvies? Do you bother to call the cops and let them know you shot a man breaking in the front door before or after you get dressed?

Or do you just let them back quietly out the door after a full on “frontal” attack like that?

If you were the criminal, do you laugh, cry, piss you britches, or run?

I guess next time I should be ready with a piece of my own…or would word spread like wildfire if you were waiting for the crook dressed like this?


7 thoughts on “I’m feeling a lot safer now.

  1. LOL – I think if you let word get out that you’re dressed like that then you are just asking for trouble. LOL. But I am very glad it was just wind that blew through the door and that nobody was hurt. I’m surprised the dogs reacted to the wind but I guess they must get all tense when it is windy because it must be harder to distinguish noises then.

  2. I think the sound of loading a double barrel in the dark would do the trick.
    I love that sound.
    *You know it!

  3. I keeps the baseball bat AND a .45 under the bed. Sleeping alone is scary! HOWEVER if I was dressed like that I probably wouldn’t be sleeping alone! 😉

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