I feel safe now…I think.

Generally, I’m quite the scared-y cat and I make no attempt at hiding it from the world. But today I have to admit I was the sane person in the bunch…

The old man is quite a gun advocate, I think he is trying to take over where Charlton Heston left off, and I’m Ok with it most of the time. He has his concealed weapon permit and by hell…he uses it. When ever we leave town he packs one of his varied pistols, I usually laugh and poke fun but we have been in some seriously freaky places and I was glad to know he had it and knew how to use it. Also a fun bit of info is that the old man sleeps with at least one gun, so for anyone interested in robbing me…check to make sure the old man is gone, he will shoot your ass, No Questions Asked!

Me on the other hand, have little, to (actually) no experience with a hand gun, I have two dogs and a baseball bat on my side of the bed when the old man is trucking over the road. I’m the last person to go and see what is making that noise in the middle of the night. If I’m slightly afraid, I crawl under my blanket and cry.

Today though (now to the point) we come home from a long weekend and decide to take a little bit of a nap together…just to finish off the, well you know. It’s HARD to relax when you have been with your in-laws for the last 3 days. The old man is settled in and I’m still fighting with the dog for locality on the bed. We have been having a bit of a rain and wind storm and suddenly the front door to the house bursts open. I just freeze. The old man though, (in all his tighty whitey glory) bounds from his half asleep position next to me an in swift (faster than I thought he could move) reflex motion grabs his gun, loads it, and sneaks ( yep, all 350 lbs. half naked) around the door from the room straight to the front door, with this, I just don’t know how to explain it, busting in like a cop facial expression & tactical maneuver.

Then at this point the dogs are freaking out, the old dog Mary, she is all about the hunt and she jumps from the bed all barking and snarling. Yote on the other hand just thinks that someone has come to play so she hops down and follows.

As they reach the front door I’m still sitting on the bed, behind my blanket, frozen. Wondering to myself if someone had just burst in, what the hell is going threw their mind at this point. After all…they broke in to my house!




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