Gather round one and all for a little tale…


Once upon a time in the land of Oz, there was a wonderfully talented and just a bit silly gal that invited her friends to join in a little story game. Many people rushed in an signed up to join in the fun, and this lovely lady even allowed threw her graciousness a few late participants. The fun has already been passed around by most, and now you will see the fun is to be had by me. So it’s my pleasure to invite you to enjoy this part of the splendid writing of




Sarah Flanigan


(I hope I got everyone)You’ll find the story up until my part here…

The sun was orange as it set against the ocean.
As Natalie walked along the beach, she felt the sting of tears as they sprung to her eyes. How could he do this to her? What would she do now?
She had invested 12 years of her life into their marriage, thinking they were happy, only to have him say he was leaving. Her question of why had been left unanswered. There was no explanation or reasons. He had merely looked at her sadly and walked out the door without so much as a backward glance………….
The sand felt cool against her hot face as her legs buckled and she surrendered her weary body to the comfort of the course sand. She curled up into a fetal position, her mind willing her body to simply evaporate. The darkness enveloping her was barely recognizable against the darkness that enveloped her heart. A darkness that had been slowly creeping in over the past decade. Somewhere in the distance, a baby cried…. a cry that tortured her heart with memories of a dim and distant past……

Alone in the sand Natalie couldn’t stop thinking what if. What if she had been able to have a child? If she could have given him that, would she be in this situation now? At one time they had been so happy. She had foolishly thought that they could make it work by just loving each other. Natalie had told him from the start that she might not be able to have children. Back then he just looked in her eyes and said the only thing that mattered is that they had each other. Why had she believed him? Now, after twelve years of marriage she was all alone. They had tried for so many years to have a baby, but they never could. She had been through seven miscarriages and had given up hope. Now her husband had left her. She felt empty inside. If only he had known . . .

It was all a lie. No that wasn’t quite right. There was nothing false about the love at least not for Natalie. Yet the long nights laying against Brad after the loving exchange of heated passion, whispering softly of the hopes and dreams of the sweet pitter-patter of small feet treading through the carpeted halls of a loving home. The faked miscarriages were not something that Natalie was proud of but it had been her last resort at maintaining a thin veneer over the stained lies that haunted their relationship. For though in her heart, soul, and mind, Natalie was one hundred percent woman, Natalie was born Ned. Yet, how could she have told Brad the truth. For Ned and Brad had been best friends in grade school. Playing catch at the ball park, racing bicycles down the quiet suburban streets, camping in the backyard until that fateful day, when everything changed….

Natalie stared at her perfect breasts in the mirror. That surgeon was worth his weight in gold. She was every man’s dream – beautiful, successful, able to strip an engine faster than any man, but she was missing that one thing – a uterus. Natalie thought she had given Brad everything he wanted. She knew what men wanted in bed; she knew that men liked hot sex, cold beer and sport on the tube. Who was better to know what a man wanted than someone who had spent half of their life as a man, and her husband’s best friend. Life was wonderful until that barbecue with the new neighbors. Curse that little baby with her gummy grin and corn flower blue eyes. Natalie knew their lives would hit a road block when Brad said “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had one of our own?” Natalie could do everything for a man, be everything for a man, apart from one thing… a mother….

Natalie knew there was one last trump card to play, although it was going to be a doozy -she would go back to her surgeon and discuss Changing Wombs. She decided that, after all these years trying to be the perfect woman for Brad, she’d like to experience that female condition with the roller coaster hormones, strange food cravings, sleep deprivation, painful boobs, constant toilet stops and be able to scare the bejebus out of other mums at Playgroup with her own horror birth story. Her surgeon had offered the optional plumbing in his original surgical assessment but Natalie had dismissed it, not considering for a minute that the sport-lovin’ Brad she had her eyes on would succumb to natures tug on his goolies. Having kept several bucket loads of Brad’s love juice on ice at a private storage facility proved the post-op turkey basting would not be a problem and could be a great surprise with which to win Brad back to her side. Natalie made her appointment, booked her ticket and was soon winging her way to motherhood.

Natalie slept for all of that long plane trip, exhausted from the emotions that had ravaged her mind, body and soul. She dreamed of what was to come, the look of surprise on Brad’s face when he saw her swollen with his child, of her triumphant return to his heart and his bed. During the taxi ride from the airport she let her mind wander to their future, longing for the look of wonder and awe as Brad looked upon her with their newborn child for the first time an event that would link them for eternity. She could never had prepared herself though for what was to happen as she entered her surgeon’s office. The sight of Brad sitting in the waiting room looking so pitifully embarrassed to be there, hunched over in his chair holding a magazine high in front of his face set her emotions whirling. His clumsy attempts to disguise himself with that stupid floppy hat and large dark sunglasses, may have fooled some, but not her, not when she had known and loved every contour of his face and tall muscular frame so well for so long. Natalie’s heart lurched as she quickly darted back into the foyer a million questions racing through her mind – What on earth was he doing in sitting in the waiting room of the most highly respected transgender specialist in the country and how could she find out without him knowing that she had seen him there?

She was hovering in the foyer in a lather of indecision when the receptionist’s voice broke into her ruminations, ‘Mr Fothergill, the doctor will see you now.’ Before she knew what she was doing, in three strides and a dive she had caught Brad by the ankles as he approached the consulting room door and brought him down in a tackle that would have brought a smile to the face of their Under 10s rugby coach.
‘Brad! NO!’ she cried, desperate tears spilling onto her cheeks, ‘We’re running out of penises!’
‘ . . . eenises . . . eenises . . .’ echoed the enthralled silence in the room. She surveyed her slack-jawed waiting-room audience, surreptitiously adjusting her skirt with her free hand.
‘What?’ she blustered in confusion. ‘What would you do if your husband’s balls were at stake?’ But a fidgetting in the stalls suggested she was already losing them. A magazine page shuffled. At the reception desk a computer mouse clicked.
‘Balls at stake? Meh,’ seemed to be the view in the waiting room of the most highly respected transgender specialist in the country.

A small girl, dressed in a pink pinafore stepped forward,- a naughty smile tugging at the sides of her mouth. “Tick-tock, you lost your cock, but all’s not lost, cuz I’ve been tossed, from the sperm of Brad, so don’t be sad.” She smiled broadly and did a little curtsey. “Hello Mummy and Daddy. It’s me, your long-lost, Maddie.” Before Brad or Natalie could utter a word, the Doctor stepped from his office and said, “So, how do you like her, I’d say she’s the spitting….

image of…..”, the Doctor stopped in his tracks in shock.
“B-B-Brad, Natalie, please step into my office, now.” stuttered the Doctor, “Nurse, please take Maddie into the examination room at the back and give her some paper and crayons, and please stay with her in that room until I come and get you.”
With that, the couple moved silently into the office behind the Doctor and sat down in stunned silence. Natalie regained her composure first, but her mind raced with questions. If this was Brad’s child, who was her mother? Why wait until now to reveal her to him? And if this was Brad’s child…..what did that mean for the future, their future?

Natalie stood stoically and looked expectantly at the doctor, unable to meet Brad’s gaze. “I’m sure you have questions,” the doctor began, “and you’d have a right to ask them. I only ask that you don’t report me to the authorities…”
“Authorities!” Brad roared. “Who is that child? I demand you tell me now!” Natalie had never seen Brad so angry and it frankly aroused her.
“She’s yours,” said the doctor and he looked nervously at Natalie, “and yours too, Nat.” The couple could only gape. “Seems a spare frozen egg and some left over sperm made it’s way into…” … the night-shift cleaning lady. Between her curiosity and desire to experience Motherhood, she dipped into the reserve spunk collection and turkey-basted herself right up.”

Natalie and Brad both shook their head in disgust and disbelief.

The doctor continued, “When she started to develop stretch marks during the second trimester, she admitted to what she had done and we decided together to keep it a secret. Between you, me and the fencepost, I was boinking the ol’ lady and didn’t think nothin’ of the swell of her belly.”

Brad was outraged at the surprising news. Natalie wept obnoxiously loud as she looked toward the door, wanting to see the child that was supposedly hers. Through sobs and snot, she managed to whisper, “But . . the child. Where are her arms?” . . .


And then came little ol’ me!




“Umm…don’t worry about that, it’s just a little problem that we encountered with the mishap abortion that we tried a little to late on my cleaning lady” , the Doctor winced, “To be honest, she’s learned to deal with it quite well. If you’ll follow me over here we can actually observe her threw this one way glass.”
As he opened the shade they could watch little Maddie as she colored with the nurse, holding the crayon between her toes like a little monkey. Naturally the child had no idea that anything was wrong with what she was doing. Sitting at the window, they watched as she colored a family standing outside of a little home, complete with the image of herself with no arms and a cat curling around what looked like the mothers feet.

“She uses her toes,” Natalie smiled and looked at Brad with a little smile showing threw the tear stained face, “just like you do, when your to lazy to bend over and pick things up.”

“She definitely does have your eyes,” Brad added while reaching for Natalie’s hand, “she’s beautiful”.

“Now,” the Doctor broke into there thoughts, “you’ll have to sign some papers, as her…um, legal parents, to absolve me of any wrong doing, before she leaves for the orphanage.”

And from here I’m passing the fun and games on over to




Gemisht, so she can add a little twist to the tale before the lucky winner goes for the final chapter!


11 thoughts on “Gather round one and all for a little tale…

  1. This is too good!! lmao

    I just didn’t really know where to go…I knew we had to start to put a wrap on things. But everyone else had such great stuff! I love to be a part of things like this!

  2. Geez, you’re quick, the ink was still drying on my post 🙂

    And I have no idea where I am going to go with this one. Hmmmmm, thinking, thinking.

    * I was laughing when I stoped by your place…it’s still before midnight here so it’s only the 21st. I was commenting and had to laugh, I just don’t think in time change brain mode, let alone day change.
    Your going to do great! I can feel it…

  3. Nice touch, with the toe coloring, CG. BTW, I think you guys left out Michael. Unless he bowed out???

    Good job, honey.

    * Oh I got an E-mail from mum…she let him off the hook.

  4. Ooops, I forgot I wanted to say how much I liked your image. 🙂 NOT a story I’d read to my little chickies though. 😉

    * Oh come on, it would be…well your right, it’s just not the right style for them. tee-hee! :mrgreen:

  5. Holy hell, that line, ““just like you do, when your to lazy to bend over and pick things up.”
    Fabulous! Great job!

    * OK that one is a little close to home for me…the old man tells me I have monkey toes. If I’m bare foot I pick crap up around the house all the time. I just freaks him out.

  6. Good job here too!! Everybody has done such a good job…so many twists and turns it’s unbelieveable…
    Well done honey! Been cackling all the way through! Love the little intro too! That was a stroke of genius….

    * It’s hard to follow such great work from everyone…can’t wait to see what comes up next.

  7. Red

    hahaha . . attempted abortion . .geeez!
    And I left Michael out because of … Mum said he was excused from the assignment.

    * Ya she sent me an e-mail too.

  8. Hilary

    Well I’m impressed. There have been so many twists in this story I was glad I got in fairly early and didn’t have to try and rein it all in. This is fabulous.

    * You did a great job…we all did! I just read the end over at the Nook and I was rolling!

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